Friday, October 4, 2013

Eliminating Heel Holes In Double Bed Machine Knit Socks

I have been emailing a friend my instructions for double bed machine knit socks.  Well, you know how it goes, back and forth emails and I probably just confused her more (when I explained my techniques).  My goal here is to not stretch or over extend the end stitches you are transferring to both beds.

Being such a wonderful lady I promised her I would sit down, knit a sock and take pictures of my technique for eliminating the heel hole often a result of the double bed & short rows.  Thought I would share with all of you as well.

There are quite a few photos, my explanations under each.  Click the email button on the top right of the blog if you have any questions, I would be happy to help!

Ankle Done, Time To Start The Heel

Open Beds, Allow End RB Needles To Pull Up

Attach & Thread Up MB Sinker Plate (mine is on the left)

Set Machine To Hold & Begin Short Rows Until All
Decreases Are Done

Short Row Increase Manually Wrapping Each Needle

Last Two Needles In Hold (carriage on left)

Wrap Left Needle & Knit To Right

Pull The End Left Needle Out To Hold Again, Wrap Right End Needle,
Knit to Left

Now You Have This

Picking Up The Inside Of Loop On Previous Row 

Turn Stitch & Place On Left Most Ribber Needle

Manually Knit The Left Most Main Bed Needle It Will Look Like This,
Repeat On Right Side

Ribber Bed Right Most Stitch, Pick Up Purl Bump, Slide Onto Transfer Tool, Hang Transfer Tool On Main Bed, Repeat On Left Side

It Will Look Like This

Close Beds, Transfer Rib Bed Stitches To End Main Bed Needles;
Continue Knitting Sock

Completed, No Holes
I have no idea what brand of sock yarn this is (I had it marked wool/nylon), I do notice the yarn fuzz that accumulated on the ribber from just this pair of socks.


  1. Excellent tutorial, Tom. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  2. molto belle Tom le tue calze ma in che modi inizi il lavoro? grazie un saluto Federico

    1. Grazie Federico. Il mio italiano è debole, si può riformulare la domanda? La ringrazio tanto, Tom

  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the instructions, I've been having the same problem with holes in the heels and will give your method a try. But I have a question, are you adding the picked up Ribber stitches to the second to last stitches rather than the end stitches?

  4. thank you so i just have to figure out the toe

  5. I just saw this. Thank you for sharing!