Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yarns...Quality Is Key

I learned this valuable lesson many years ago by trial and error.  Often knitters, especially those learning to machine knit do a fine job knitting a garment or item only to be discouraged by how poorly the finished item looks or what they believe are their abilities; then, they give up.  Wait!  Not yet!

Many, many times it's not the knitters skills, machine or pattern but the yarn is the culprit.  All of us like buying yarn(s) at a good price or rather cheaply.  This works if you get great yarn at a steal of a price.

If you are spending some time knitting (or learning to knit) a beautiful pattern or style you have an expectation of how the item will fit, wear, drape, feel and look.  Use the best quality yarn your budget will allow keeping in mind the item you are knitting (is it appropriate for the item) and weight of the yarn.  The finished item will meet or exceed your expectations and even impress yourself.  Better yarns really do end up "making" the project.

If you are a beginner, so much of the frustration is eliminated and better yarn(s) actually knit better on the knitting machine.

I recently received an email from a machine knitter having issues with a sweater she made for a family member.  The item was not as expected, the drape was awful and the fit was just not right.  I read the pattern and looked at her pictures.  Everything was done correctly by the knitter.  After finding out she used a "big box store" yarn, I convinced her to try it again in a nicer worsted wool blend yarn.  There it was, a happy knitter and the recipient was thrilled.

This past week I received 14 cones of yarn.  One of the shipments was from a new to me mill that sells yarns to the general public.  Of course I was apprehensive but after receiving the sample cards I had to give them a try.  The quality looked excellent, price was too good to be true, $5 a pound.  The yarn arrived and looks terrific!  I am planning to knit the swatches soon sand see how it holds up after laundering.  If my results good I will post their information here so others can enjoy.

Hope you are enjoying Spring!