Sunday, January 21, 2018

My 1 On 1 With Mary Anne Oger

Mary Anne Oger (many refer to her as "The Master" of machine knitting) emailed me and let me know she was going to be in Las Vegas.  Mary Anne asked if we could arrange a time to meet.  OF COURSE I would find the time!

Mary Anne modeling one of her latest creations - inspiration from the Canadian store "Roots" 

We met at the Starbuck's in her hotel.  What a great time I had (hope she did too).  Conversation was easy and we talked about everything, for hours.  Mary Anne is the kind of person I could easily be friends with, you know hang out, eat, laugh and talk.  Mary Anne, besides being a knitting machine Guru, designer and  knitting magazine publisher (Knitwords) is also quite the cook!  She has a cooking blog as well as her machine knitting blog and has promised me her Turkey Pot Pie recipe.  I made her Chocolate Lava Cakes recipe not too long ago....decadent and so scrumptious (easy too).

But enough of my raving about Mary Anne, take a look for yourself and I suggest following her blog(s).  Oh and if you can attend a show she is instructing at, DO IT!

Needles to say...

Cook, tase, YUM!