Monday, December 2, 2013

Wil's Sweater

About a month or so ago, "Wil" emailed me this:

"I'm Wil, from St. Louis, MO. I happen to stumble upon your website when googling men's sweater patterns. As the subject line states, I am a beginner, I inherited a plastic bed singer knitting machine (9mm-90 needles) from a friend and am trying to teach myself how to machine knit."

I asked him to do a gauge swatch, he did.  I wrote a pattern for him based on his style and measurements and look at how he's doing, VERY good indeed!
Wil's First Machine Knit Sweater

I just suggested another project to him, I hope he'll do it!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ear Muffs, Norwegian Style

Late last evening, I was surfing through some of my favorite knitting machine blogs.  I went over to Rett Og Vrang a great blog with ingenious designs by Synnove who lives lives in Norway.

We have been in touch over the years and it is always nice to see what she is up to.  Her latest is "Choices of Life" an ear muff design.  It sort of reminded me of the ear flap hats I made a  couple of years ago.  Always wanting to support my fellow machine knitters, I purchased the pattern (an instant download & only a few dollars).  When I opened the pattern is was all in Norwegian, of course it would be.  So, no worries I will translate it online.  It was actually funny what translator did to the pattern.  I emailed Synnove and she too had a good laugh.

Knowing I could replicate it I sat down this afternoon and made the below (nice model huh?) using my own method.  Pretty close to Synnove's don't you think?

Please stop by and visit Synnove and her great blog, she is very talented and a nice lady!

Here is her blog and posting (and pattern) I am referring to:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Blue Sweater Vest Completed

Yes, I do love sweater vests.  They are perfect in the cooler months here in Las Vegas.  A sweater vest is enough to keep you warm early in the morning but not too warm to wear when the sun warms it up!

This was done using the Knit Leader, I used Tamm Trenzi with an unknown cone of light blue acrylic for the edge trim.  Edge trim (light blue) was only the three circular cast on rows.  It didn't take long at all, I timed myself (I've been asked how long it takes), it was a little more than two hours on the machine then the seaming.

The color is a bit light in the first picture.

Neck Overlap Band - I Like Them As They Are Not Common

Arm Hole

Back Of Neck & Waist Band, Both Knit in 2X2 rib, Using A 2x1 Needle Arrangement

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lynne's Lace Scarf Pattern

Lynne, author of the blog "Machine Knitting Fun" (who I follow), sent me the below link to a lace pattern scarf she had made.

Click on this link:

Here is a picture of the design:

Lynne stated she did not design the pattern but, had posted it for all to use and love.

Great and easy technique especially for those without a lace carriage.

Go ahead and click the link above to see the pattern, some photos and surf through her great and energetic blog.

Thanks for sharing Lynne!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaves Begin To Fall, Answering Winter's Call; Mikey Get's A New Sweater!

Yes, it's Autumn in Las Vegas but, it gets cold at night in December, January & February; usually around 38 to 40 degrees.

So, all other projects on hold and made a new sweater for my best friend, Mikey.  Mikey is a Tibetan Terrier/Sheltie mix and he outgrew the other sweaters I made for him.  I wanted him to pose for a picture but tonight he just wanted to play ball.

The fit is perfect in every way.  Done with some leftover Star 4-ply acrylic using Stitchworld pattern #'s 475 & 532 (rib).  This is knit from the back up with the legs done by rehanging the leg openings.
Mikey's New Sweater
Now, if I can get him to pose I'll add a picture.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tamm Spirit - Sweater Vest

Finished this and thought of posting a few pictures.  Every picture the blue (denim) is a bit different.  This was the yarn CLICK

Knit with the Knit Leader and GC, it fits perfectly.  The last picture is something my grandparents would have done.  My Grandfather was a tailor to the Hollywood Stars, my Grandmother owned her own dress manufacturing company.  Both always told me, clean finished seams are important; how true!

 Side View Neckline

Arm Bands

Full Neckline

Inside Out - Finishing

Eliminating Heel Holes In Double Bed Machine Knit Socks

I have been emailing a friend my instructions for double bed machine knit socks.  Well, you know how it goes, back and forth emails and I probably just confused her more (when I explained my techniques).  My goal here is to not stretch or over extend the end stitches you are transferring to both beds.

Being such a wonderful lady I promised her I would sit down, knit a sock and take pictures of my technique for eliminating the heel hole often a result of the double bed & short rows.  Thought I would share with all of you as well.

There are quite a few photos, my explanations under each.  Click the email button on the top right of the blog if you have any questions, I would be happy to help!

Ankle Done, Time To Start The Heel

Open Beds, Allow End RB Needles To Pull Up

Attach & Thread Up MB Sinker Plate (mine is on the left)

Set Machine To Hold & Begin Short Rows Until All
Decreases Are Done

Short Row Increase Manually Wrapping Each Needle

Last Two Needles In Hold (carriage on left)

Wrap Left Needle & Knit To Right

Pull The End Left Needle Out To Hold Again, Wrap Right End Needle,
Knit to Left

Now You Have This

Picking Up The Inside Of Loop On Previous Row 

Turn Stitch & Place On Left Most Ribber Needle

Manually Knit The Left Most Main Bed Needle It Will Look Like This,
Repeat On Right Side

Ribber Bed Right Most Stitch, Pick Up Purl Bump, Slide Onto Transfer Tool, Hang Transfer Tool On Main Bed, Repeat On Left Side

It Will Look Like This

Close Beds, Transfer Rib Bed Stitches To End Main Bed Needles;
Continue Knitting Sock

Completed, No Holes
I have no idea what brand of sock yarn this is (I had it marked wool/nylon), I do notice the yarn fuzz that accumulated on the ribber from just this pair of socks.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Brother Transfer Carriage

Today I had lunch with two very nice machine knitters who I met as a result of MKM and this blog.

It was a quick 2 hours and didn't even touch on all the things we wanted to.  To have fellow machine knitters here in Las Vegas who actually got together was amazing!

They are planning on making high end sweaters out of the most gorgeous yarns.  The thought of transferring all those ribbed stitches manually made me immediately think "transfer carriage."

They have not used one in a long while and not with good luck when they did; I thought to offer my little bit of advice.  The easiest fixes for a transfer carriage to operate as it should are:
  • Take all the weights off; leave ribber comb on
  • Slide your pitch button to H
  • Manually transfer at least two sts to MB on each end
  • Double check all needles on MB are in B position
  • Double check the diagram on the transfer carriage and follow it from top down (for the RB needle set up you are transferring)
  • Don't press down on the carriage and slowly move from right to left
Brother Transfer Carriage
Have one of these?  Take it out and give it a try, you'll be so glad you did!

Ingenious Yarn Tension Mast Carriage Modification!

A fellow machine knitter Brian in Canada emails me from time to time about his progress and sends pictures of his projects.  I've posted a few here on the blog.

He has designed a yarn tension mast/carriage modification using wood as his prototype (attached to the MB carriage) and will be making one for his SK155 out of aluminum very soon.

Have a look at the video showing his ingenious modifications:

You can also read about it and contact Brian by clicking here:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nice Acrylic

I'm not a yarn snob, I'll knit with any fiber, man made or natural.  When I find a particular fiber I enjoy working with I keep at it (and buy more!).

Many of you love Tamm yarn, I do too.  Having knit with most of their varieties I recently tried "Tamm Spirit" 100% acrylic,  color,  grey.  This is great yarn to knit, it's a perfect marriage with a knitting machine.  Smooth and easy, great stitch definition and holds up well in the laundry! I really enjoy the flecks of color in the yarn.

Here is Tamm Spirit, color denim knit on the standard machine, swatch is T7 on MB and ribbing T5.

Tamm Spirit
I purchased a few cones at 20% off which makes it even better.  So, now the swatch is done and I'm happy with it, what to make?  I'm seeing a long sleeved v-neck sweater...winter is right around the corner!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brian's Hand Tooled/Manipulated Shawl

Sorry for my time away from the blog, work has been keeping me way too busy.

I wanted to share this with you:

Brian who is in Canada sent me this photo of his latest project.  He did an excellent job especially that he is fairly new at machine knitting.  This is his first attempt at a hand tooled shawl.  He stated he thought it turned out rather well; I think it turned out beautiful!  He did this on the Singer 155 using Bernat "Satin" yarn, color "Sunset" (his sister-in-laws favorite color).  One of my favorites as well.

Excellent job Brian!  Thanks for sharing with us.

Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Attach Neck And Arm Bands On A Knitting Machine

When its hot outside here in Las Vegas, I stay in more and knit more, the opposite of a colder climate.

Last week I received an email from a knitter in Europe asking how I get great looking results when I attach my bands to shirts and sweaters.

The easy part is attaching the bands but, GREAT finishing to anything we make is extremely important.

As well all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 19 pictures.  The description is below each one making it easy to follow:

Garment Edge Being Eased In/On Machine (public side facing me)

Picking Up Some Of the In Between Needles

Notice How It Is Being Eased In As I Move Along 

Ann Edge Stitches Picked Up

My Own Method - Use A Flashlight Under The Needles To Ensure Just 1 Edge Stitch Is Picked Up (all needles in the same channel)

Note: When Making A Band, End With Carriage On Left, Leave 6 Times The Length Of Needles Being Used - Ribbed Bands, The Right Side Is Facing You As You Knit.  Last Row At Garment T, K 1 Row Stockinette (COR) and Take Off On WY

Hanging Band (public sides facing each other)

I Use A Claw Weight Hanger To Ensure Latches Are Closed

All Latches Closed - Needles Have Been Pushed Back

Pull Needles Through I Small Sections

Pull Out Needles To Hold Position That Have Just Been Pulled Through (above photo) - This Will Keep Them "safe"

All Needles Out To Hold 
Remove Waste Yarn

Knit 1 Row At Highest/Loosest Tension

One More Time Bring Needles Out To Hold (my needle pusher is held against knitting as I do so)

Chain Off Loosely

A Neat And Professional Join (see the one row of stockinette, now a purl row tucked in between the band and body)

The Private Side - Clean & Professional Finish

Right Off The Knitting Machine - Needs A Light Steaming & Laundering