Monday, September 9, 2013

Nice Acrylic

I'm not a yarn snob, I'll knit with any fiber, man made or natural.  When I find a particular fiber I enjoy working with I keep at it (and buy more!).

Many of you love Tamm yarn, I do too.  Having knit with most of their varieties I recently tried "Tamm Spirit" 100% acrylic,  color,  grey.  This is great yarn to knit, it's a perfect marriage with a knitting machine.  Smooth and easy, great stitch definition and holds up well in the laundry! I really enjoy the flecks of color in the yarn.

Here is Tamm Spirit, color denim knit on the standard machine, swatch is T7 on MB and ribbing T5.

Tamm Spirit
I purchased a few cones at 20% off which makes it even better.  So, now the swatch is done and I'm happy with it, what to make?  I'm seeing a long sleeved v-neck sweater...winter is right around the corner!

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