Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grafting Or Kitchener Stitch

I do like grafting stitches (Kitchener Stitch) even though I am not crazy about seaming a project.  Guess regular seaming can get to the point or boredom for me.  So, I trained myself to seam projects when there is something on television or I'm listening to something I enjoy, then, the boredom does not happen.

Since I do many socks, seaming is minimal as is grafting.  Not sure what it is but I truly like grafting stitches.  Guess I enjoy the rhythm and accuracy of it.  Both seaming and grafting give me a sense of satisfaction when impeccably finished.  When stitches are grafted so perfectly you can not see where the machine left off and the grafting is makes me feel proud.  Seams that are invisible, flat and smooth also make me proud of my work, ESPECIALLY since it's a bit of a chore.

Starting on the right, from the back of the loop (stitch) go through the first loop in front then into the loop to your left (follow the yarn) close to where needle eye is.  Then into the back stitch (where the needle tip is).
Then from the back, go into the new loop (stitch) to the left on the back, then through the same loop (stitch) in the front.
Each loop (stitch) will have two threads of yarn in each.  If you pinch your work together the stitch size you're creating should be perfect, just don't pull the yarn tight (firm up the yarn thread without pulling too tight).  You want to replicate the tension of the project.  At the end I go through the very last loop twice and hide the yarn end by weaving it in.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sheepishly Sharing

I happened on this knitters site quite by accident.  She is in love with the circular knitting machines that we have all seen, Addi Express.  Her name is Margaret Olander, she possess a unique sense of humor too.

She knits some interesting items "in the round" which can be made on the Japanese machines when you knit circular.  Check out her whimsical scarf ideas.

You can click here to visit her site:  Sheepishly Sharing

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm Knitting....Stress Away!

I find machine knitting a way to relax and work off life stresses.  Moving needles and carriages back n forth seems to transport me into another place.

When "that mood" arises I usually rely on socks.  Socks only take about 40 minutes or so for me to make and I don't need to think about the next step or maneuver.  It's programmed into my brain so I can lose myself in the moment.  Knitting a pair seems to relieve my stress as the socks fly off the machine.  January found me making several pair of socks.

This hasn't always been the case knitting socks.  Years ago I made every mistake any of us could; it took me a week to make my first one from start to finish.  Each step and technique I conquered brought me closer and closer to a finished sock.

Here is one of the many stress relievers I've done recently:

Some new sock yarn (ready to relieve stress) and a great lavender yarn:

With some luck the remainder of this month will find me making less socks and a more intriguing project or two.

I promised to meet the owner of a new Yarn Store located in a design studio here in Las Vegas.  The owner is interested in having me teach machine knitting classes.  More on that as it develops.

Hope you are well and happy knitting...

Monday, February 3, 2014

Nyann, What Talent!

Not machine knitted but you have to admire her talent and patience!