Monday, October 30, 2017

Sandwiched Buttonhole - Tried & True Method

This is not a new method but a tried and true one!  Here, Susan Guagliumi takes us through it on HD video up close and clear!  You can use this method for a plain band as well.

If you have a large garment or rather not poke the needles through your garment piece in this way, there is another method with the same results (not sandwiched)!

Knit the band then pick up your first row of band (from the ravel cord row) bring out needles to hold (stitches behind latches) and knit one row (this will make the garter row).  Facing you is the right side of the band, remove on WY.  Hang the edge of the garment public side facing you.  Push garment edge behind the latches and hang the band garter row facing the garment edge, open stitches in the needle hooks.  Pull needles through the garment edge.  Manually knit 1 row and chain cast off.  You want the row loose enough to allow the garment edge stretch as needed.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Perfect Mitered Neckband

I have done this many times when I make V-Neck Pullover Vests for myself.  My reason for wearing  knitted vests is a result of our mild winters here in Las Vegas, it's perfect!

Take a look at Diana Sullivan's clear and precise video tutorial on how to achieve a nice looking and neat mitered neckband.

I like to have a nice garter row along the neck opening, here is how.  I knit the neck band off the garment then attach.  Take the sweater against the machine and decide how many needles you will use.  On the same number of needles, start with a at least 10 rows of waste yarn and one row of ravel cord. Knit the neckband as in Diana's video.  Pick up the first row of stitches above the ravel cord and hang on needles, knit one row at garment tension, remove on waste yarn (or remove on garter bar).

Hang the garment on the same number of needles with public side facing you and push behind the latches.  Next, hang the neckband in the hooks of the needles with garter row facing the garment.  Pull the neckband stitches through the garment stitches.  Pull all needles out to hold and with neckband yarn knit one very loose row.  Chain cast off.

This creates a nice finish with a garter row in-between the garment neckline and neckband.

Monday, October 2, 2017

I'm Okay...

To those of of you who had reached out to me today, I am fine and thank you.

Horrific thing that happened here in Las Vegas last evening, the entire Las Vegas valley is trying to come to grips with this.

I was so relieved to hear all of our 620 employees are fine as are their families.  My prayers and sympathy to those that are not as fortunate.

To give my mind a rest and do something I find comforting I am heading to the studio to make something...

May you all be safe, always.