Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Knitting Machine Control Board

Ever have one of those moments when you don't know how you ended up on a website?  I did tonight and found some good information to pass along.

Take a look at this alternative for your dead circuit board (expensive and hard to find) or if you want to use your computer to download images to knit:

Evil Mad Scientist Interface Boards

From their website:

"This is an  open source hardware and software project that provides an alternative way to control the widely-loved Brother KH-9xx range of knitting machines using a computer. There are other hacks (such as Img2TrackKnitic and electro-knit) which work with certain machines in certain conditions. The AYAB interface works with all Brother KH-9xx machines except the KH-970."

I have and have used Img2Track to download pictures from my Mac directly into the memory of my Brother machines.  This requires a special cable (easily available) and is only 60 stitch (pixels) wide, you can purchase an upgrade for 200 stitches.

The Evil Mad Interface board is about $80 USD and simply replaces the interface board on all Brother electronic machines.  Also, you can easily unplug the AYAB Interface and plug the original board back in.  No special cable needed and will also replace the power cord via the cord provided.

I may want to give this a try!