Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby's Crew Neck Raglan Sweater

I made this sweater for my Chiropractor as she is expecting mid-summer and don't know if it's a boy or a girl (ahh, the good old days, as long as it's healthy!).

Thought I could sit down in one afternoon and whip it up.  Well, the weather here in Las Vegas has been warm & beautiful which allowed my gardening chores to pull me from the knitting machines (some nerve huh?).

It was probably just as well, had to made the neck three-(3) times as I kept making really dumb mistakes.  The worst was having the neck done then realizing I had knitted a permanent cast on (with WY) without ravel cord.  So, I thought I would cut it away very carefully, hmmm, I wasn't that careful.  Doesn't that just eat at you when you do things like that?

Enough of my complaining, this was just taken off the machine and I haven't even set the stitches, blocked or seamed yet.

This is for a six-(6) month old, raglan knit neck down, all one piece.  Adapted (re-sized) from adult sweaters I make.  Yarn was some leftover "Finch" in an off white.

No Flash Used So Pattern Is Visible
Now to seam...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Knitting Machine Replacement Parts

Okay, we all need them or "want" them and have I got a place to get them. They, Leanneco, have everything from new Brother Knitting Machine rivets to EXCELLLENT and reasonably priced sponge bars.

Can't find what you need?  Ask them and they may have it or even get it for you!  Shipping prices are very good and they automatically refund for combined shipping of same or different items.  I am not affiliated with them in any way, I'm just a very satisfied repeat customer. 

And their feedback rating is at 100%, I am not surprised.

Please take a look at (click here):  LEANNECO'S EBAY STORE

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Balloon Stitch Swatch #2

Blogging can be frustrating!  I wrote this huge article and when I went back in to edit, the post disappeared.

So, being this happened, below is a shorter post and photos of my second swatch with needle arrangement.  I used Tamm "Trenzi" for this one, I did try a cotton ladder yarn first but it did not knit up smooth.

Full Needle Rib - Then Transfer 

Stretch Out The "Dropped" Stitches No Blocking Done

Pulled Lengthwise

Pulled Widthwise
It is very simple to do and similar to drop lace.  I plan on posting the instructions soon.

This stitch would make great edging to a jacket, a baby's afghan, across the chest of a light weight "summer" sweater and there I go again...

Balloon Stitch Scarf Swatch

Several months ago I was intrigued by a stitch pattern I saw over at Anna's blog, click:   Art Machines

It was in my head and just didn't get around to giving it a go.  This past week I made a beautiful full needle rib lace scarf for a co-worker in some single strand "Krinklespun" yarn.  Knitted about 750 rows, blocked it and when ready to go I placed it on my piano so I could grab it on my way to work yesterday.  When I walked back in the room my dog (still a puppy) had decided to play with it and had it in shreds.

My fault, I should have known better.

So, this morning I took out some leftover yarn (who has that?  LOL) and decided to give the "Balloon Stitch" (my name for it) a try.  The needle arrangement is fairly simple the change I made was some 1X1 ribbing on each end for a stronger edge.  The tension I used was 6, I may drop it a bit; once I decide on the yarn I will do another swatch.  Below swatch is directly off of the knitting machine:

Open & Lacey
Nice Dimension
This (Above) was done with some leftover silk blend yarn, I'm thinking mohair would be nice...this was to fine and a bit stiff.

Click the link above and check out Anna's work, she does some amazing things.

What's on your needles...?

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Friends Sweater

A friend who I met via Machine Knitting Monthly (I am a knitting buddy there) when she needed help with her computerized KM, is a fantastic knitter (and one nice lady!).  We "clicked" right away and have been exchanging ideas, patterns, problems and the projects we work on.  It's nice to have someone who really understands a machine knitters frustration when things go poorly.

Anyway, she sent me some photos today of her latest projects.  Hope she doesn't mind me posting this.  I like the way this sweater turned out, don't you?

Boys Sweater

Monday, April 16, 2012

Angelika's Yarn Store Seminar!

We all know Angelika, she has quite a line up for her upcoming seminar in May. She also has Lily Chin teaching a Workshop! Check it out:

Pacific NW Knitting Machine Seminar

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration From Diana Sullivan - Of Course!

I've been playing nurse to a friend who had some surgery this past Monday and in between my patient being knocked out (from the heavy duty drugs) I decided to knit a few E A S Y & FAST items.

So, slippers and socks were first then I had some inspiration sitting on top of the piano ready to be mailed out.  You see, recently Diana Sullivan asked for some knitting jokes as she was celebrating her 1 million YouTube views.  Yup, ONE MILLION what a huge accomplishment.  So I sent her a very corny one I had read years ago on line.  Whoever she received a joke from she sent one of her DVD's and book to.  I have test knitted recently for her upcoming book and we have been emailing each other (sharing knitting and life stories) for quite a while; so, did not expect a gift to be sent.  Diana emailed asking what I wanted.  I then thought of a friend who had just returned to machine knitting and would truly appreciate one of Diana's books.  Diana sent me her "Beautiful Ribber Scarves" DVD and book (if you don't have this you should!).

This morning (while my patient was sleeping) , I decided to make a scarf.  This took less than an hour from start to finish and is a silk/rayon blend done in "full needle rib tuck" - 600 rows:

In Natural Sunlight

Close-up With Sunlight Peeking Through
Thanks Diana for the inspiration!

Want to see more about my inspiration? Click here: Diana's Beautiful Ribber Scarves

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cleaning...Again! This Time A Brother Standard Gauge Ribber

So, instead of finishing the hoodie I am making for my Chiropractor who is expecting, I decided to clean up my latest acquisition, a standard ribber.  Keep in mind, I have one that works wonderful BUT, this one matches my "E" Brother machine.

As you know a picture speaks a thousand words, here are a few thousand for you.


Very Yellow
Full Of Fuzz & Old "Grease"
Sparkly - Like New
All Back Together & CLEAN
P.S.  It works GREAT!