Sunday, April 22, 2012

Balloon Stitch Scarf Swatch

Several months ago I was intrigued by a stitch pattern I saw over at Anna's blog, click:   Art Machines

It was in my head and just didn't get around to giving it a go.  This past week I made a beautiful full needle rib lace scarf for a co-worker in some single strand "Krinklespun" yarn.  Knitted about 750 rows, blocked it and when ready to go I placed it on my piano so I could grab it on my way to work yesterday.  When I walked back in the room my dog (still a puppy) had decided to play with it and had it in shreds.

My fault, I should have known better.

So, this morning I took out some leftover yarn (who has that?  LOL) and decided to give the "Balloon Stitch" (my name for it) a try.  The needle arrangement is fairly simple the change I made was some 1X1 ribbing on each end for a stronger edge.  The tension I used was 6, I may drop it a bit; once I decide on the yarn I will do another swatch.  Below swatch is directly off of the knitting machine:

Open & Lacey
Nice Dimension
This (Above) was done with some leftover silk blend yarn, I'm thinking mohair would be nice...this was to fine and a bit stiff.

Click the link above and check out Anna's work, she does some amazing things.

What's on your needles...?


  1. Now isn't that interesting! That might make a neat pillow. I like your idea of mohair, that would look really nice, as would something like a ladder yarn.


    1. Thanks Barb. I was just driving home from the store and thought, I have that pumpkin color ladder yarn I can use! Now I am convinced to make it in that!

  2. Bad Dog!! Bad Dog!! LOL You can't stay mad at him for long tho. I had a new puppy several years ago & she chewed the cord to my 965i, & the end of the GC cord that plugs into the GC. Fortunately I was able to get them fixed, but it was scary.

    The swatch is beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished garment.

  3. Thanks Sheryl! Did you see the new sample?