Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration From Diana Sullivan - Of Course!

I've been playing nurse to a friend who had some surgery this past Monday and in between my patient being knocked out (from the heavy duty drugs) I decided to knit a few E A S Y & FAST items.

So, slippers and socks were first then I had some inspiration sitting on top of the piano ready to be mailed out.  You see, recently Diana Sullivan asked for some knitting jokes as she was celebrating her 1 million YouTube views.  Yup, ONE MILLION what a huge accomplishment.  So I sent her a very corny one I had read years ago on line.  Whoever she received a joke from she sent one of her DVD's and book to.  I have test knitted recently for her upcoming book and we have been emailing each other (sharing knitting and life stories) for quite a while; so, did not expect a gift to be sent.  Diana emailed asking what I wanted.  I then thought of a friend who had just returned to machine knitting and would truly appreciate one of Diana's books.  Diana sent me her "Beautiful Ribber Scarves" DVD and book (if you don't have this you should!).

This morning (while my patient was sleeping) , I decided to make a scarf.  This took less than an hour from start to finish and is a silk/rayon blend done in "full needle rib tuck" - 600 rows:

In Natural Sunlight

Close-up With Sunlight Peeking Through
Thanks Diana for the inspiration!

Want to see more about my inspiration? Click here: Diana's Beautiful Ribber Scarves

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  1. Those are really great Tom. They look so warm. I think I might make a couple for next winter.