Sunday, April 22, 2012

Balloon Stitch Swatch #2

Blogging can be frustrating!  I wrote this huge article and when I went back in to edit, the post disappeared.

So, being this happened, below is a shorter post and photos of my second swatch with needle arrangement.  I used Tamm "Trenzi" for this one, I did try a cotton ladder yarn first but it did not knit up smooth.

Full Needle Rib - Then Transfer 

Stretch Out The "Dropped" Stitches No Blocking Done

Pulled Lengthwise

Pulled Widthwise
It is very simple to do and similar to drop lace.  I plan on posting the instructions soon.

This stitch would make great edging to a jacket, a baby's afghan, across the chest of a light weight "summer" sweater and there I go again...


  1. This is one of the most unusual KM stitches I have seen. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Isn't it different Barb!?! I am thinking a baby blanket with soft colors would be great with this stitch pattern. Each 8 row repeat could be done in a different color or shades of one color.

      Very easy to knit as well.

  2. This puts the cool in cool! Did you publish the pattern? I'd love to try it out! Thanks. Wilhelmina

  3. Oh wow !! Awesome, May I have the pattern ??
    Thanks !!