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Friday, March 29, 2013

Machine Knitting Videos

Planned on knitting tonight as I'm 1/2 way through a cotton vest.  Needed a break from doing another 500+ rows.  I watched knitting videos tonight.

Found some great detailed HD videos from Nyann Goro.  Up close techniques that are worth time watching.  There is no music or narrative, they aren't needed.

Follow the link to her video (below) on YouTube then once there you can click on "more from" on the right side.

Nyann Goro Videos

Monday, March 25, 2013

It Happens To The Best Of Us! Doesn't It?

I worked up a vest in my head then wrote, charted and swatched out a new design for a sweater vest and today was the day to start it.

Should have known as it took me 6 swatches to get it the way I pictured it.  The ribbing was to be a 2 x 2 rib in a 2 x 1 needle arrangement followed by a 5 x 1 ribbed body with a ribbed mitered fold over v-neck.  All this using Tamm 3-ply.

I should have known when I swatched over and over (as the yarn was knitting loose) but I had T8 stuck in my head from my previous project (here).  On the first few swatches I noticed the ribber was knitting a bit looser than the MB (common) so I dropped to T7 on the ribber.  Tried 1 x 1 rib but again too loose and wiggly & I did not want it to pull in very much so instead of dropping the tension I decided on the 2 x 2.  Looked great.

My swatches are the usual 60 stitches wide (actually 62 due to needle arrangement) x 40 rows. Since this was a ribber project I had plenty of weight on the 62 stitches.  Washed, blocked and dried the swatches.  Get my gauge and built the pattern and schematic.

Ready to go...I knit the below ribbing over 162 needles, 28 rows, T5/T4 (taking pictures as I knit) then transferred all the ribber stitches to the MB then set up for the 5 x 1 ribbing.   Changed the tension to T8/T7 and off I went...

Then "it" happened!  My ribber stitches started to not catch in the needle hooks and just sat on top; a few dropped.  Mind you I had 5 large weights on the comb along with 2 small weights.  What I should have done (as I have done before) with a large ribber tension is to pull gently down after each row on the ribber comb.  Not wanting to try to fish out the dropped stitches I cut the yarn and the result is in picture 3 below.

My swatches were fine as only 60 stitches with three large weights.  Not lesson learned, lesson reminded...have to rethink this one.  Perhaps I will wait for my cones of cotton/acrylic to arrive.

2 x 2 Ribbing In A 2 x 1 Needle Arrangement

Ribbing Completed - All Stitches Transferred to MB

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Katherine Sweater V- Neck Vest Completed!

Here it is, washed, blocked and after a 9 hour wearing.

On to the next!

Close-up Band & Pattern

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweater Vest Update - Hanging Armhole Edges

Here is an update on Tom's Katherine's (I dedicated this one to her) V-Neck Sweater done in 100% cotton.  It's done, sort of...

I knit that great tuck stitch (click here) and decided I liked the private side better (stockinette side of tuck).  The design shows through and has a very subtle and classy look to it.

I knit the armhole bands off of the vest and rehung the vest armhole edges then the ribbing (right sides together).  Pulled the  the ribbing loops through the armhole edge stitches, knit one loose row followed by a loop through a loop cast off.

Now for the neck, tried so many swatches and none have made me happy...a bit of a pain I can be just want it a certain way.

During this process I took some pictures for those new to machine knitting on how to hang edge stitches.  When I started machine knitting there was no resource and I learned as I made my mistakes.

For a nice, even, neat and professional looking edge where you either knit on a sleeve, band, collar and etc. see the pictures below:

Evenly Space Out The Needles 
How many needles?  Gently hold up your edge to the gate pegs to see how many needles you need.  Hang both end stitches (a whole stitch/row).  Say you need 100 needles, your center is at either side of 0, hang that stitch.  Keep dividing the stitches evenly as in the photo (to the left).
PIck Up A Whole Stitch!

I've found a good way to pick up the "inbetween" stitches is to place my finger against the edge, pressing the edge against the gate pegs, then aim your transfer tool through the gate pegs, gently slip it in, catch the needle and pull it all the way out.

On To The Next...

Needles Correctly Through Armhole Edge
Then move over and repeat the process, aim between the gate pegs and your tool will guide you to the needle.

An easy way to check if you have "hooked" a whole stitch without accidentally catching more than you should is look below your needles!  If you went too far down or not far enough, your finished edge will be uneven.

More soon...

Monday, March 11, 2013

This Sweater Vest Is Dedicated To Katherine!

I have been playing with Yeoman cotton yarn looking for the right tuck stitch design for a quick warm weather dress vest I could wear to work.  Nothing was right, either too much, too little, too feminine or dated.  Then I remembered a Mary Anne Oger tuck pattern I had from her MVP Men's Sweater design.

So I dug through my books, found the pattern, sat at the PPD and plugged away then downloaded it into my KM.  I started a swatch but met with a mess of loops and unknit tuck.  Did this three times and actually pulled out the manual thinking I've lost it (a seasoned MK'r here) the machine memory AGAIN!  Or was it my memory?

About this time, work started calling and texting, I was on a call when Katherine (we are becoming real good friends) was trying to call about a 940/930 download we are working on but I could not answer.  Maybe she has ESP?  So finished the work issues and called Katherine back.  Left her a voice mail, I probably sounded like a lunatic.

When I finally spoke with her I was still focused on my pattern (now looking at it on the screen) and we were trying to figure out how to reverse it without having to re-enter it all as I realized I had reverse entered it (tucks were actually the knits).  We hung up and Katherine sends me a text message (a life line it was), select button #6, the KHC button!  I was in the shower.  Of course, I knew that as it knits patterns in "negative."  I was so mentally someplace else I had basically gone blank.

So, I ran to my KM still in my towel and grabbed some WY and knit a swatch...SUCCESS.  I wanted to hit myself in the head with a ribber weight.  The lesson is, don't knit without a clear head!
Dedicated To Katherine

So, here is the successful swatch (now in the washer)! 

Katherine, this vest is dedicated to you and if I haven't told you, you are the best & thanks for the slap to wake me up!
KHC Button Selected
Here is my personal reminder, the brain saving KHC button!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brian's First Project!

Brian who lives about 45 minutes outside of Toronto just started machine knitting and completed his very first project, a baby blanket.  He did a wonderful job don't you think?

Brian's Baby Blanket 24' X 36"
He used his new to him Singer 360 with card #3.  He's "hooked" so, what's next Brian?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Katherine's Blankets

A dear friend (who I love speaking to) sent me photos of her latest creations.  A Garter Carriage blanket and a tuck stitch blanket.  The tuck stitch blanket is still in progress and still on the machine.

Aren't they nice!  Awesome job Katherine.

Hearts Blanket Completed Using GC

Tuck Stitch Blanket In Progress
 P.S. She cooks and bakes like a professional too!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Slouch Hat At Rett Og Vrang

One of my favorite machine knitters and blogger sent me the link to her slouch hat click > RETT OG VRANG

Here is a picture of her beautiful hat:
rett og vrang slouch hat
Very similar to Eli's slouch hat that I posted recently HERE.  Both knitters and bloggers are wonderful & from Norway (beautiful country and wonderful people!).

Take a deep look over at Rett Og Vrang's, for some amazing knitted items!

I'm so glad she shared!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Garter Carriage Swatch Using Fairisle Pattern

Remember my plaid swatches?  I am looking to make a warm weather sweater vest as it is already warming up here in Las Vegas.  I took out a cone of Yeoman's cotton/acrylic blend I had, color is "oatmeal."  Did a 60 stitch swatch and decided to try the plaid fairisle pattern but use one of my Garter Carriages (GC).

Some folks don't realize you can use your GC with any stitch pattern you may already have!  You do not have to use preprogrammed GC patterns or GC punchcards.  I've used fairisle, tuck and etc. patterns for my GC.  If you like the design of a pattern go ahead and use with your GC!

Take a look at the picture below, same plaid pattern, one color just knit with double length variation.  Then compare it to the pattern I posted > HERE < when I knit the same pattern as a two color fairisle.

No Camera Flash Just Incandescent Light