Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sweater Vest Update - Hanging Armhole Edges

Here is an update on Tom's Katherine's (I dedicated this one to her) V-Neck Sweater done in 100% cotton.  It's done, sort of...

I knit that great tuck stitch (click here) and decided I liked the private side better (stockinette side of tuck).  The design shows through and has a very subtle and classy look to it.

I knit the armhole bands off of the vest and rehung the vest armhole edges then the ribbing (right sides together).  Pulled the  the ribbing loops through the armhole edge stitches, knit one loose row followed by a loop through a loop cast off.

Now for the neck, tried so many swatches and none have made me happy...a bit of a pain I can be just want it a certain way.

During this process I took some pictures for those new to machine knitting on how to hang edge stitches.  When I started machine knitting there was no resource and I learned as I made my mistakes.

For a nice, even, neat and professional looking edge where you either knit on a sleeve, band, collar and etc. see the pictures below:

Evenly Space Out The Needles 
How many needles?  Gently hold up your edge to the gate pegs to see how many needles you need.  Hang both end stitches (a whole stitch/row).  Say you need 100 needles, your center is at either side of 0, hang that stitch.  Keep dividing the stitches evenly as in the photo (to the left).
PIck Up A Whole Stitch!

I've found a good way to pick up the "inbetween" stitches is to place my finger against the edge, pressing the edge against the gate pegs, then aim your transfer tool through the gate pegs, gently slip it in, catch the needle and pull it all the way out.

On To The Next...

Needles Correctly Through Armhole Edge
Then move over and repeat the process, aim between the gate pegs and your tool will guide you to the needle.

An easy way to check if you have "hooked" a whole stitch without accidentally catching more than you should is look below your needles!  If you went too far down or not far enough, your finished edge will be uneven.

More soon...


  1. That looks great Tom, But for me, I like the purl side the best. I thought that was such a great tuck pattern. & it looked really nice in the cotton yarn. But both sides look equally nice. ;-)