Monday, March 11, 2013

This Sweater Vest Is Dedicated To Katherine!

I have been playing with Yeoman cotton yarn looking for the right tuck stitch design for a quick warm weather dress vest I could wear to work.  Nothing was right, either too much, too little, too feminine or dated.  Then I remembered a Mary Anne Oger tuck pattern I had from her MVP Men's Sweater design.

So I dug through my books, found the pattern, sat at the PPD and plugged away then downloaded it into my KM.  I started a swatch but met with a mess of loops and unknit tuck.  Did this three times and actually pulled out the manual thinking I've lost it (a seasoned MK'r here) the machine memory AGAIN!  Or was it my memory?

About this time, work started calling and texting, I was on a call when Katherine (we are becoming real good friends) was trying to call about a 940/930 download we are working on but I could not answer.  Maybe she has ESP?  So finished the work issues and called Katherine back.  Left her a voice mail, I probably sounded like a lunatic.

When I finally spoke with her I was still focused on my pattern (now looking at it on the screen) and we were trying to figure out how to reverse it without having to re-enter it all as I realized I had reverse entered it (tucks were actually the knits).  We hung up and Katherine sends me a text message (a life line it was), select button #6, the KHC button!  I was in the shower.  Of course, I knew that as it knits patterns in "negative."  I was so mentally someplace else I had basically gone blank.

So, I ran to my KM still in my towel and grabbed some WY and knit a swatch...SUCCESS.  I wanted to hit myself in the head with a ribber weight.  The lesson is, don't knit without a clear head!
Dedicated To Katherine

So, here is the successful swatch (now in the washer)! 

Katherine, this vest is dedicated to you and if I haven't told you, you are the best & thanks for the slap to wake me up!
KHC Button Selected
Here is my personal reminder, the brain saving KHC button!

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  1. Tom, i cant see my KHC button my machine is a KH965i