Monday, October 19, 2015

Feel Good Yarn Company....Silver Spun

Have you heard of "Feel Good Yarn Company" the home of Silver Spun Yarn?

What a terrific company and great yarn.  The founder, Laurie when developing Silver Spun Yarn didn't give up until she achieved what she was after.  The yarn is made from American sourced fibers and spun in North Carolina.  Silver Spun is a blend of cotton silver, nylon & spandex (see photo). Take a look at Laurie's Company and story here:  Feel Good Yarn Company
Look at the nice bag the yarn arrived in!
The yarn has a nice blend of fibers with a terrific hand (feels like cashmere).  When I emailed asking if they had any feedback from machine knitters, they hadn't.  I've been asked to test knit Silver Spun on the machine and offer my feedback.  I want to make socks with Silver Spun as the blend of silver is reportedly helpful for people with Diabetes and circulatory problems.

Did I mention the silver in the yarn allows the wearer to use their phones without having to take off gloves or mittens?  I tested this with the entire skein on my Smartphone, it works!  They offer free shipping on your first order too.

Once I knit the socks, I'll report back on how the yarn does on the knitting machine.