Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Actress Karen Allen Knits On A Brother!

Karen Allen best known for her role in the blockbuster movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark has her own fiber arts company; Karen Allen Fiber Arts located in Massachusetts.

Here is the link to the video of her appearance with Martha Stewart, Karen knits her creations on a Brother machine!

Martha Stewart Interviews Karen Allen - Karen Allen Knitting On A Brother Video

Click below to be directed to the Karen Allen Fiber Arts website:

Karen Allen Fiber Arts

Monday, November 28, 2011

Machine Knit Sock

I dyed the wool/nylon yarn for this sock honoring a "special request" from a good friend.  This was right off the machine.   Just pinned it to the blocking mats to take the photos, I don't block socks.

The toe needs to be grafted and the leg seam sewn.  Knitted on the standard gauge machine, they don't take long to do.

Check Out Phil's Reindeer Swatches

A talented machine knitter and nice guy!

Phil's Reindeer Swatches

Need A Brother Manual? FREE!!!

You may be able to find it here:

Brother Knitting Machine Manuals

This website has many of the manuals in PDF for immediate download! Did I mention they are free?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here Are The Long Men's Slipper Socks

These can be worn alone or over a pair of socks for added warmth!
Warm & Squishy

Very quick to make on the bulky and uses approximately 3 ounces of worsted weight yarn.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Knitted Slipper Socks - Warm & Comfortable!

I made these slipper socks not too long ago.  The idea came to me after knitting many of my own socks (having made adjustments to the original pattern).

One day I thought, winter is coming and most of my home is tile which stays very cool; I wanted something warm to slip on over my socks.

I converted the math and tension from the standard to the bulky and knitted these in a worsted weight yarn.  Then, I added about 50 circular rows to the cuff and made a "hunters style" warm, thick sock.  The longer version is great on a chilly day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warm Textured Ear Flap Hat

I wanted to knit something warm without having to double up the fabric.  Also, I like texture in knitting vs. different color-ways, so here is my version 2; a skip stitch warm ear flap hat:

Skip Stitch Ear Flap Hat 

In addition, most ear flap hats have narrow ear flap ends to attach the ties.  Since I am not attaching ties, I made the ear flaps just a bit wider at the end.

This hugs the ears and comes down around the jaw, very nice, different and WARM!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Knitting Machine Yellowed To Original Color!

On another website I have been asked how I transform knitting machines back to their original color. Below is the link to the bit Diana Sullivan did on my process (including photos):

Tom's Amazing Knitting Machine Transformation From Diana's Blog Posting

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tom's Fingerless Men's Gloves

Looked at a hand knit pattern this morning for a similar glove.  Thought about it today, then came home from work and sorted out the glove details.

Tom's Fingerless Glove
Here it is: 

Very simple to do, 1 x 1 rib cuff, a basic tuck stitch hand followed by some 1 x1 rib under the fingers.

The thumb hole is self edging!  And my favorite part, only one edge to seam.  My poor buddy who was told, "Here put this on, you are now a hand model!"  Thanks Chuck!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ear Flap Hat


Made this out of some left over  worsted yarn.  An email friend of mine, Helen, makes these and I thought I would give it a go.

Ear Flap Hat
Very easy to do and for an adult mens head it all started with 80 stitches on my Brother 260.  Feels good on the head and the flaps really hug the ear area.   No ties for me, LOL.

Now to get more creative with it!

My Quick Knit Circular Troop Cap

I had promised (another website) to repost this last evening, sorry that I didn't get around to it. This is a simple hat I designed as I avoid seaming if and when possible. This hat is perfect for a quick knit to send to our troops or knit for your own use. If you would like the written pattern, let me know!

Special thanks to Diana Sullivan who liked the hat and filmed the below two videos & then posted them on YouTube. You can go to her blog by clicking on the link in the column to the right.

Tom's Troop Cap (part 1)

Tom's Troop Cap (part 2)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

There is a great group of Machine Knitters here:

Knitting Paradise

You can view and post pictures, ask questions, read, comment and etc. A good resource!

Knitting Machine Yellowed? Make It White Again!

Time and sunlight will yellow any knitting machine. Although a yellowed machine is just as good as a white one, I prefer the white/beige color the machines were when purchased new. The knitting machine at the top of this blog page was whitened using the below process.

Here are two-(2) pictures of a carriage I whitened:



I did some snooping around and developed a recipe to whiten the plastic back to it's original color. You must disassemble the plastic parts from the machine and carriages - no exceptions. Then just mix up the recipe, spread it on, place the parts in plastic bags or cover with plastic wrap so they do not dry out during the process. Once this is done place in the sun or under a UV light until whitened. Once completed simply wash off with a mild dish washing liquid and water, dry and reassemble! Simple.

Here is the recipe I use:

1-Cup 40 Volume Clear Hair Peroxide (you can purchase at a beauty supply "Sally" has it)

1-Tablespoon Xanthan Gum powder (Wal-Mart Super Center has it in the baking aisle) - used by folks who avoid gluten, a thickening agent that does not need heat

½-Teaspoon Glycerin (again Wal-Mart in the vitamin area) - this is optional - it is used to help the solution "stick" to the plastic

1-Teaspoon Oxy Clean - any brand of laundry oxygenator - diluted in 2 tablespoons VERY hot water

In a blender, pour in the peroxide and xanthan, blend for approximately 5- 10 seconds. Add the glycerin (if using) and Oxy Clean, blend another 5 seconds. The mixture is done.

I applied to the surfaces of the plastic using latex gloves (hair peroxide is a much stronger version of the one we use on minor cuts) and a silicone pastry brush. Once all areas were well covered, I either placed them in a zip-lock bag or wrapped them in kitchen plastic wrap (to repent drying). Now for the important in the sun! The UV rays that caused the yellowing will now act as the catalyst to remove the yellowing. After an hour in the sun, the difference was incredible. I check for "dry" spots and reapplied if needed. The "baking" process took 2-4 hours depending on how yellow the piece was. The items can also be placed under a UV light indoors, not a black light.

If you need any assistance, please email me, I would be happy to help!

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Friend Diana Sullivan MUST Have ESP!

Over the weekend I purchased an online pattern, a mens sweater. Sometimes it is nice to knit someone else's pattern so you don't have to figure things out. Well, was I surprised when I knit the back; HUGE, with the shoulders and neck completely out of whack. So, I emailed the website and put the knitting aside until this morning. I received an email from the website with their apologies and the promise they would fix the pattern immediately, they did!

Before I went to give it another go, I checked Diana's blog and there was this bit she wrote:

Diana's ESP

This evening I read comments on Diana's posting; others have the same issue so I feel better. But, why would a pattern designer leave things out, not proof read, have another knitter test knit the pattern, not include correct row #'s, yarns and tensions they used? I could go on but you get the idea.

Off to eat a slice of pie....

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art Machines - Pick Rib

Anna always does such beautiful knitting and so immaculate. Check out her beautiful ribbing!

Anna's Pick Rib

Knit Picks Wish List Give Away!

Knit Picks is doing it again, three lucky winners receive their wish list up to $50! Here is mine:

Tom's Wish List

Who doesn't have the need or want for more great yarn from them? I really like their fingering yarn (Stroll), it is 75% wool & 25% nylon, wears great and knits on the machines beautifully?

To check out their contest, great yarns and "stuff" click below:

Knit Picks Website

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great Ribber Scarves Holiday Idea

Aren't these nice!  An email friend is getting reacquainted with her ribber and her new Brother 270.

LOVE the orange striped one, she stated it is mohair.  What a quick and great gift idea.  The Fisherman's Rib prevents curling, it is soft and stretchy, a true knit and give.  Easy!

I like them so much I was using the photo as the header on the blog!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Machine Knitters Are So Nice!

Have your read Machine Knitting Monthly lately? Great publication with lots of information for all machine knitters. Lots of good info for all levels of experience. I am listed as a "Knitting Buddy" in the magazine. I really enjoy rehabilitating knitting machines and helping others get their machines back to good order. Anne, the Editor is wonderful and actually posted a few of my letters in the magazine. She was kind enough to publish the "Knit For Our Troops" information I sent which was on Diana Sullivans blog.

To visit Diana's blog click here: Diana

To check out MKM click here: MKM

Anyway, I have received some wonderful emails from many different places around the globe. One of the last was from a machine knitter asking me about her 910. She lives as a next door neighbor in California and her daughter not far from me here in Las Vegas. I gotta say, she is such a nice person. You know how you just get that feel for someone you never met; perhaps you spoke on the phone over and over and you just get that nice vibe? That's how I feel about my California neighbor. She is returning to machine knitting and diving right back in, so nice to hear.

Machine knitters are so nice, helpful and very friendly. There is something about our community that is energizing and makes me want to help others the way I was helped when i needed it.

As my neighbor says..."knit on!"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diana's Video - Tom's Troop Cap

Diana natters on... about machine knitting: New Videos - Tom's Troop Cap: Here are the videos showing how to do Tom terrific hat pattern. This is an ideal pattern if you want to knit for our troops, ...

Diana Does It Again! Easy Felted Slipper - Great for Soldiers

Diana natters on... about machine knitting: Easy Felted Slipper - Great for Soldiers: I had some Fisherman Wool from Michael's - in fact, I still have some. I was thinking about warm, padded winter slippers, so I decided to d...

The Fiber Artist: Shawls

The Fiber Artist: Shawlsl
Wow beautiful shawls and a talented knitter. These should be easy to do on the knitting machines

Mikey's Newest Sweater

So, I was thinking everyone is getting ready for the holiday's why not Mikey (my puppy).  With that in mind I whipped out my Garter Carriage and made this on the Brother 930E with Stitchworld pattern 544.  These are so easy to make, take very little yarn and I will have both patterns in my book.  Notice the underside (second photo) to accommodate his  anatomy it is a bit shorter.  I used an "ease in" technique to do so.  The previous one (white below) I used short rows to do the same thing.  

Hope you like this as much as Mikey likes getting in my business when I machine knit!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mikey's New Sweater

My new puppy "Mikey" in the sweater I made for him.  This was done on the standard (electronic) using "Tamm" acrylic.  This and one other dog sweater will be included in my men's collection book I am writing, there are so many variations one can do.

This was so easy to knit, took one evening, I used a garter carriage for the textured look.

Guess it's just the "Man's Best Friend" thing.