Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tree Skirt Trim

Hello!  It's been a while, I'm still here and still knitting with three projects in the works.

Recently, a friend asked me to knit her a tree skirt in cream and navy blue.  I did a simple circle on the bulky and attached hook-n-loop (velcro) tabs to hold it closed when in place (invisible).  She is not a frilly type of lady and asked for something with a nice tailored trim.  Here is what I did for the trim which is a variation of trim we have all seen in one form or another.  Diana Sullivan did another variation recently for a baby blanket, technique is the same but the pick-ups and rows knitted are different.  This produces a cable look (some refer to it as rope or pie crust edge) and looks great on public and private sides.

I tested her taste out a bit and ran a gold lurex yarn in, she did not like it (me either) so stuck to the basic cream trim.

Notice carriage is on the left as I am right handed, if you are left handed, you may want the carriage on the right.  Pick up the edge of your item and hang on machine using 8 needle transfer tool

Here is the tool picking up the edge (also why I want the carriage on the left as to not get in my way as I pick up the edge to the right)

Knit 12 rows

Pick up the next set of 8 edge stitches and hang on top of the previous 12 rows just knitted

Here I added the gold Lurex

How the gold Lurex looked (not for me)

All complete
I kept the tension at the same setting I knit the skirt with.  You can add more rows which will give you a different look (more loopy).  When you get to the end knit the final 12 rows then hand stitch the last 8 stitches into place.  I did not get a complete picture of the skirt as I was eager to rush it out to her (sorry).