Sunday, October 28, 2012

Purple Rollers...Check Out This Sweater!

Anna, is an awesome knitter; I really love to look at her blog, Art Machines.

Check out her recent project HERE - translated project name via her translate button is "Purple Rollers" - I like the translated name and the sweater is beautiful in any color.

I Can Convert Your Sweater Hand Knit Pattern To Machine Knit

I like to assist other machine knitters.  If you would like a hand knit sweater pattern converted to a machine knit pattern (with schematics) just email me the below information.  Click on the "email" button on the top right side of this page to get started!

  • Photo of item (if your pattern has one) or "type" of garment
  • Size you would like to knit it in (measurements in inches if not included in the actual pattern)
  • Any adjusted measurements for your selected size (longer torso, sleeves and etc.) if different from pattern you send me
  • Stitch gauge per inch
  • Row gauge per inch
  • Tension dial setting used for gauge 
  • Yarn you plan to use
  • Any other design differences you would like (different from the pattern), crew neck changed to v-neck, zipper instead of a  button band, folded hem instead of a rib hem, short to long sleeved and etc.
  • A simple scan of your hand knit pattern and the above info and I'll email back the machine knit pattern and schematics.  Just give me a couple of days to get it back to you.
All free, just because... 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Have I Lost My MInd?

I have converted the men's cardigan hand knit pattern (see below posting) for machine knitting.  It was fairly simple and along the way I created my own calculator and schematic designer to convert patterns.  WOW, is it easy now!  If you have a favorite hand knit sweater pattern you would like converted to a machine knit pattern let me know I would be happy to do it for you and email it back with the schematic, all I need is your pattern, size you want converted and the gauge you want to use.

So, I had the flu not so long ago, DR stated it was not from the flu shot but if I had not had the shot it would have been worse; can't imagine.

Now I am back to my knitting the mens cardigan.  During my first attempt I made a beginner mistake and knit too many rows for the folded hem (the hem is a different color than the body); I ripped and rewound, I got frustrated and waited until I calmed down.  Started again and was working on the front right side where you begin the decrease for the raglan by casting off 5 stitches.  Well I did that but, on both sides (including where the front zipper band is) and knit on.  When I realized it, I ripped again.  Then I messed up on the raglan decreases.  Being persistent as I am, I have re-knit the front and have stopped at the decreases.  My error was due to my eyes picking up the wrong written line; the pattern is good.  Time to grab dinner, then, off to knit the remaining portion.

Just wanted to do a quick post and let you know where I am with the mens cardigan or better to say where my head was not!

It happens to all of us at some point!