Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Can Convert Your Sweater Hand Knit Pattern To Machine Knit

I like to assist other machine knitters.  If you would like a hand knit sweater pattern converted to a machine knit pattern (with schematics) just email me the below information.  Click on the "email" button on the top right side of this page to get started!

  • Photo of item (if your pattern has one) or "type" of garment
  • Size you would like to knit it in (measurements in inches if not included in the actual pattern)
  • Any adjusted measurements for your selected size (longer torso, sleeves and etc.) if different from pattern you send me
  • Stitch gauge per inch
  • Row gauge per inch
  • Tension dial setting used for gauge 
  • Yarn you plan to use
  • Any other design differences you would like (different from the pattern), crew neck changed to v-neck, zipper instead of a  button band, folded hem instead of a rib hem, short to long sleeved and etc.
  • A simple scan of your hand knit pattern and the above info and I'll email back the machine knit pattern and schematics.  Just give me a couple of days to get it back to you.
All free, just because... 


  1.'re a glutton for punishment?! :) You must be a maths whizz. I think I'd probably charge a nominal fee for the time, too.... :)

    1. I am a bit crazy! Yes, good at math but, my computer does most of the work. Thanks for the making me smile!

    2. Hello Tom,
      Are you still doing this if so I'm in need of a few Patterns to be done.

  2. Hello Tom,
    Are you still doing the conversions of a HK to a MK?