Sunday, October 28, 2012

I Can Convert Your Sweater Hand Knit Pattern To Machine Knit

I like to assist other machine knitters.  If you would like a hand knit sweater pattern converted to a machine knit pattern (with schematics) just email me the below information.  Click on the "email" button on the top right side of this page to get started!

  • Photo of item (if your pattern has one) or "type" of garment
  • Size you would like to knit it in (measurements in inches if not included in the actual pattern)
  • Any adjusted measurements for your selected size (longer torso, sleeves and etc.) if different from pattern you send me
  • Stitch gauge per inch
  • Row gauge per inch
  • Tension dial setting used for gauge 
  • Yarn you plan to use
  • Any other design differences you would like (different from the pattern), crew neck changed to v-neck, zipper instead of a  button band, folded hem instead of a rib hem, short to long sleeved and etc.
  • A simple scan of your hand knit pattern and the above info and I'll email back the machine knit pattern and schematics.  Just give me a couple of days to get it back to you.
All free, just because... 


  1.'re a glutton for punishment?! :) You must be a maths whizz. I think I'd probably charge a nominal fee for the time, too.... :)

    1. I am a bit crazy! Yes, good at math but, my computer does most of the work. Thanks for the making me smile!