Sunday, October 7, 2012

Have I Lost My MInd?

I have converted the men's cardigan hand knit pattern (see below posting) for machine knitting.  It was fairly simple and along the way I created my own calculator and schematic designer to convert patterns.  WOW, is it easy now!  If you have a favorite hand knit sweater pattern you would like converted to a machine knit pattern let me know I would be happy to do it for you and email it back with the schematic, all I need is your pattern, size you want converted and the gauge you want to use.

So, I had the flu not so long ago, DR stated it was not from the flu shot but if I had not had the shot it would have been worse; can't imagine.

Now I am back to my knitting the mens cardigan.  During my first attempt I made a beginner mistake and knit too many rows for the folded hem (the hem is a different color than the body); I ripped and rewound, I got frustrated and waited until I calmed down.  Started again and was working on the front right side where you begin the decrease for the raglan by casting off 5 stitches.  Well I did that but, on both sides (including where the front zipper band is) and knit on.  When I realized it, I ripped again.  Then I messed up on the raglan decreases.  Being persistent as I am, I have re-knit the front and have stopped at the decreases.  My error was due to my eyes picking up the wrong written line; the pattern is good.  Time to grab dinner, then, off to knit the remaining portion.

Just wanted to do a quick post and let you know where I am with the mens cardigan or better to say where my head was not!

It happens to all of us at some point!


  1. Yes Tom, it does happen to all of us! Now, after ripping out my knitting (and my hair...) I know I need to take a break. When I don't, I just keep messing up. As we used to say at my knitting machine club, "le problème est sur la chaise" which means "the problem is on the chair". LOL

  2. I call it 'user error' and I get a lot of it! Before I changed my ribber, it was the machine causing a lot of my problems but now the new ribber works fine. I still get 'user error' though and think I always will.. The lady before is right lol.

  3. Tom the flu fills your head with cotton wool and you can't think right for ages! It's a well known fact. After searching around for weeks I got a hand knit pattern for a bolero in the shape I wanted because I couldn't find a machine one. I was going to go back to two needles but would be so pleased if this pattern could be converted for my standard gauge machine. How do you go about conversions Tom? I have a house full of hand knitting patterns.