Monday, September 10, 2012

Knit PIcks Designer Jesse Loesberg Men's Patterns For Machine Knitters

It's a guy thing...?  Machine knitters know there is not enough practical designs that we guys would "really" wear.

I have a few original designs I will someday put together and publish but I am always looking for inspiration.

While cruising through the internet looking at mens sweaters and vests I took another look at Jesse Loesberg's designs over at his website and at Knit Picks.  He is also found on Ravelry.  They are very timeless.

I got in touch with Jesse and asked if he would mind me converting his hand knit patterns for machine knitters. Of course there will be changes but maybe not enough to call them my own or maybe there will be, we'll see.  In any case I would mention his original design and provide credit for his original.

Good news!  He said sure thing go for it.  Thanks Jesse!

Below are samples (Jesse's hand knit patterns) I will be working out for us machine knitters.  I am thinking of a soft, squishy coned yarn I have in my huge stash....maybe two yarns knit together.  In any case, I will write up the patterns, test knit and offer them here on the blog.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. There aren't enough men's patterns out there!

  2. Exactly! These are practical models for men. And I think that these models can be adapted for knitting machine. Will be glad to see the result!

  3. Nice jackets. It will be easy to knitt with machine.

  4. I really like the black & green one. The men in my life would like those.

  5. Hi, like the look of these, need to make something for a 50" chest man. Hope you are able to design patterns. Are you going to share them? Do you still have the pattern for the slippers that you made? I would like to try them out. Many thanks Val Poole