Monday, June 22, 2015

Fully Lined Mittens

The very nice machine knitter in Germany, Kirsten, who asked me to test knit her multi layered mittens has the pattern available for a digital download at her Etsy shop.

The mittens are knit "sew as you go."  The fit was great and even nicer after I washed and dried them (machine wash & dry).  This mitten pattern is intended for sock yarn.  I used up some of the oddments I had.  One can knit in any stitch pattern, fairisle or weaving as it is a single bed pattern.

Kirsten's Blog

Please stop by and take a look.  I really like her color choices and style.  Also, please visit her YouTube channel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Test Knitting, Preparing For A Seminar & Hollywood Calls Again

Just off the heels of test knitting for Mary Anne Oger (great to work with her!), I received an email from a machine knitter/blogger in Germany asking if I would test knit.

I like a challenge and really love test knitting so of course I said yes.  The pattern is for a single bed fully lined mitten.  Kirsten sent me the pattern and off I went.  All done in sock yarn (I used my odds and ends).  Great pattern and well written.  The mitten is much like Diana Sullivan's "Footnotes" (I was honored to test knit for Diana) but, a bit different.  There are endless possibilities for patterning or color work one could incorporate in this mitten.

As soon as the pattern is available I will post the information here.  Kirsten has recently started a very nice blog, stop by and visit:

Kirsten's Blog

As I mentioned a few months ago, I will be teaching at Rocking Horse Farms (RHF) in September.  Starting to get my information together and so look forward to a trip to Minnesota where I can see some lush greenery!

Also, I was just contacted by a major movie production company  in Los Angeles asking if I would accept a commission to knit sweaters for an A list actor (very famous) that would be used in an upcoming film.  I promised to get back to them as need to decide if I want to take on that project.  Exciting to say the least!