Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Attach Neck And Arm Bands On A Knitting Machine

When its hot outside here in Las Vegas, I stay in more and knit more, the opposite of a colder climate.

Last week I received an email from a knitter in Europe asking how I get great looking results when I attach my bands to shirts and sweaters.

The easy part is attaching the bands but, GREAT finishing to anything we make is extremely important.

As well all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 19 pictures.  The description is below each one making it easy to follow:

Garment Edge Being Eased In/On Machine (public side facing me)

Picking Up Some Of the In Between Needles

Notice How It Is Being Eased In As I Move Along 

Ann Edge Stitches Picked Up

My Own Method - Use A Flashlight Under The Needles To Ensure Just 1 Edge Stitch Is Picked Up (all needles in the same channel)

Note: When Making A Band, End With Carriage On Left, Leave 6 Times The Length Of Needles Being Used - Ribbed Bands, The Right Side Is Facing You As You Knit.  Last Row At Garment T, K 1 Row Stockinette (COR) and Take Off On WY

Hanging Band (public sides facing each other)

I Use A Claw Weight Hanger To Ensure Latches Are Closed

All Latches Closed - Needles Have Been Pushed Back

Pull Needles Through I Small Sections

Pull Out Needles To Hold Position That Have Just Been Pulled Through (above photo) - This Will Keep Them "safe"

All Needles Out To Hold 
Remove Waste Yarn

Knit 1 Row At Highest/Loosest Tension

One More Time Bring Needles Out To Hold (my needle pusher is held against knitting as I do so)

Chain Off Loosely

A Neat And Professional Join (see the one row of stockinette, now a purl row tucked in between the band and body)

The Private Side - Clean & Professional Finish

Right Off The Knitting Machine - Needs A Light Steaming & Laundering