Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hacking A Brother 930 Knitting Machine - Andrew Salomone

I really like his innovative thinking. Andrew answered my questions about a month ago as I want to give this a go. Since my 930 is set-up in the studio which is not close to my Mac the wire would have to be long, very long. So, I will try this method using my KnitKing FDD. Much easier and no splicing of wires, an electrician I am not. Once I create the file I can then save it to disk allowing me to plug into the knitting machine and download. All I need is the cable to convert to the USB port.

While I muddle through it all you can check out the Q & A recently posted online in the UK:

Andrew Salomone Picture Knitting & Hacking A Brother 930

What Else Can One Say, It's Mary Anne Oger...

Mary Anne has done it all in our knitting machine world, check out her latest creations at her blog. She is amazing!

Mary Anne Oger's Blog

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Keep Our Garter Carriages Alive!

Please visit my friend Diana Sullivan's blog to see how she and her husband John are trying to keep our G-carriages humming along...

Diana & John Garter Carriage Repairs

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today...One Of Those BAD Knitting Days!

So, I planned on making "Mikey" my puppy, another sweater as he has just about out grown the others I made him. I picked out a nice navy blue yarn (from the studio stash) and stitch pattern then off to get going. For this sweater I begin with some ribbing then short row for the back end. Well, I decided to try out my new "jaws" otherwise known as the shadow lace transfer tool. Success for the first 20 stitches I transfer then disaster, the stitches, wraps and ribbing dropped, what a MESS! So, start over as any knitter would. Make it past the short rows and start the tuck stitch, what I thought was a break was a manufactures knot that undid itself as I knit it off the cone. Managed to rescue the work and finished the pieces.

Okay, so now I rehang the body and transfer for 1x1 ribbing. There I sat happily knitting along and Mikey comes in, grabs the work from under the machine and all but 1/4 of the ribbing drops; eight rows from being done.

Now I'm done...there has to be a lesson here huh?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Check Out This Gorgeous Stitch At Art Machines

Wow, so easy and how beautiful! Picture this as a scarf. Make sure to watch the video, Anna is another gifted machine knitter!

Anna's Stitch Pattern

Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Doubt About It...Phil's Got Talent!

Take a look at Phil's scoop neck cardigan. He truly has talent and a great eye for color and design.

The name of his blog is Adventures With Machine Knitting, he lives in the UK. To see the cardigan and visit his blog click below:

Phil's Scoop Neck Cardigan

Monday, January 9, 2012

Newly Designed Transfer Tools!

Check out the newly designed transfer tools (for machines 6mm and higher) from Kris Krafter!

I own Kris Krafter garter bars and love them. The design is perfect on these (similar to the garter bars)and prices are very good!

Click below to take a look:

Kris Krafter Transfer Tools