Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today...One Of Those BAD Knitting Days!

So, I planned on making "Mikey" my puppy, another sweater as he has just about out grown the others I made him. I picked out a nice navy blue yarn (from the studio stash) and stitch pattern then off to get going. For this sweater I begin with some ribbing then short row for the back end. Well, I decided to try out my new "jaws" otherwise known as the shadow lace transfer tool. Success for the first 20 stitches I transfer then disaster, the stitches, wraps and ribbing dropped, what a MESS! So, start over as any knitter would. Make it past the short rows and start the tuck stitch, what I thought was a break was a manufactures knot that undid itself as I knit it off the cone. Managed to rescue the work and finished the pieces.

Okay, so now I rehang the body and transfer for 1x1 ribbing. There I sat happily knitting along and Mikey comes in, grabs the work from under the machine and all but 1/4 of the ribbing drops; eight rows from being done.

Now I'm done...there has to be a lesson here huh?

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  1. I see you follow my blog
    Thanks for looking in, I appreciate it.

    Sounds like you had the type of day I have quite frequently.

    Hope your next knitting day is a much better one.