Friday, September 12, 2014


Hope you are all still enjoying Summer even though it is winding down.  I've been so crazy busy at work it has been for me a non existent Summer.  Thankfully, things are settling down.

Have no fear I'm still knitting away.  I do have a few hand knitting patterns to convert for a couple of my  readers and I promise I will get them to you.  Some projects I'm working on and will post as soon as they are completed.

This past week I spent Monday with a very nice lady, Marian.  Marian, has owned yarn shops and sold knitting machines.  After years of being away she has returned to our craft.  Marian knits some nice machine/hand knit items and also creates beautiful hand loomed bags.  When I visited I showed her how to make socks and helped her get acquainted with the Knit Leader.  Only to find out it was not advancing as it should with each pass.  Luckily she had purchased it from a very reputable dealer, "Custom Knits", they are sending her a free replacement.  Did I mention Marian is 82 but you wouldn't know it.  She looks 60 and has a mind like a 40 year old! 

Vanda Midali, being a machine knitter (I follow her blog and we email each other) was kind enough to help me out.  So many knitters have problems with finishing a neck line or band.  When I asked Vanda to help she quickly sent me her below YouTube video on how she hand finishes a neck line.  Take a look, she is truly a great knitter and her finishing is superb:

Here blog is written in Italian, you can translate to your language, her blog is "My World Of Wool And..." < click there

I recently received a nice invitation from Jason of Carole's Country Knits at Rocking Horse Farm.  He asked if I would consider demonstrating or presenting at future machine knitting sessions.  I thought about it and remembered Diana Sullivan encouraging me to do teaching (which I have started) and buddy Katherine always encouraging me, so, I replied yes. When I have the dates I'll post them here.  I have done business with RHF's and could not be happier.  They have been in business for years.  Here is a link to their website: