Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Attach Neck And Arm Bands On A Knitting Machine

When its hot outside here in Las Vegas, I stay in more and knit more, the opposite of a colder climate.

Last week I received an email from a knitter in Europe asking how I get great looking results when I attach my bands to shirts and sweaters.

The easy part is attaching the bands but, GREAT finishing to anything we make is extremely important.

As well all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 19 pictures.  The description is below each one making it easy to follow:

Garment Edge Being Eased In/On Machine (public side facing me)

Picking Up Some Of the In Between Needles

Notice How It Is Being Eased In As I Move Along 

Ann Edge Stitches Picked Up

My Own Method - Use A Flashlight Under The Needles To Ensure Just 1 Edge Stitch Is Picked Up (all needles in the same channel)

Note: When Making A Band, End With Carriage On Left, Leave 6 Times The Length Of Needles Being Used - Ribbed Bands, The Right Side Is Facing You As You Knit.  Last Row At Garment T, K 1 Row Stockinette (COR) and Take Off On WY

Hanging Band (public sides facing each other)

I Use A Claw Weight Hanger To Ensure Latches Are Closed

All Latches Closed - Needles Have Been Pushed Back

Pull Needles Through I Small Sections

Pull Out Needles To Hold Position That Have Just Been Pulled Through (above photo) - This Will Keep Them "safe"

All Needles Out To Hold 
Remove Waste Yarn

Knit 1 Row At Highest/Loosest Tension

One More Time Bring Needles Out To Hold (my needle pusher is held against knitting as I do so)

Chain Off Loosely

A Neat And Professional Join (see the one row of stockinette, now a purl row tucked in between the band and body)

The Private Side - Clean & Professional Finish

Right Off The Knitting Machine - Needs A Light Steaming & Laundering


  1. Great walkthrough, Thanks! Is that a standard gauge machine? What is the yarn thickness? It looks like an 2/8 or something but I can't tell

  2. You're welcome. Standard machine using Tamm 3-ply yarn.

  3. Fantastic Tom. I'm hopeless at necklines, so can't wait to try your method.

    Thank you so much for this.

  4. Thank you for the very clear photos and instructions. I hope to achieve your professional finish.

  5. Thank you, Tom. I have been struggling with this. :) Going to try your method.

  6. This has improved my necklines immersively.

    But when making the band you mention to leave 6 times the length (on left) when do you use this thread?

    Do you use this thread to bound off with the back stitch method after joining them, then chain off loosely.

    1. Hi Anthony. The 6 x length is to hang the band and garment back on the machine, then pull band stitches through garment edge. At that point you knit 1 loose row and then chain off. Does this help you? If not click on the "email me" at the top right of this blog asI can answer faster that way. Happy Holidays!

  7. Hi Tom

    This helps so this is what you knit the garment and band together, I got it. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Anthony Simpson

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  9. Fabulous tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to post it.

  10. Ok that's good what about a double thickness neck band, I can't remember how to do it

  11. How do i know how many stitches to use for bands

  12. Hello, please i need your help. There is this knitted neckline that is attached to t-shirt, body top. Please which kind of thread can I use to get the soft knit neckline uses. Thanks

  13. Thank you taking the time to post this!