Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Machine Knitters Are So Nice!

Have your read Machine Knitting Monthly lately? Great publication with lots of information for all machine knitters. Lots of good info for all levels of experience. I am listed as a "Knitting Buddy" in the magazine. I really enjoy rehabilitating knitting machines and helping others get their machines back to good order. Anne, the Editor is wonderful and actually posted a few of my letters in the magazine. She was kind enough to publish the "Knit For Our Troops" information I sent which was on Diana Sullivans blog.

To visit Diana's blog click here: Diana

To check out MKM click here: MKM

Anyway, I have received some wonderful emails from many different places around the globe. One of the last was from a machine knitter asking me about her 910. She lives as a next door neighbor in California and her daughter not far from me here in Las Vegas. I gotta say, she is such a nice person. You know how you just get that feel for someone you never met; perhaps you spoke on the phone over and over and you just get that nice vibe? That's how I feel about my California neighbor. She is returning to machine knitting and diving right back in, so nice to hear.

Machine knitters are so nice, helpful and very friendly. There is something about our community that is energizing and makes me want to help others the way I was helped when i needed it.

As my neighbor says..."knit on!"

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