Sunday, March 3, 2013

Garter Carriage Swatch Using Fairisle Pattern

Remember my plaid swatches?  I am looking to make a warm weather sweater vest as it is already warming up here in Las Vegas.  I took out a cone of Yeoman's cotton/acrylic blend I had, color is "oatmeal."  Did a 60 stitch swatch and decided to try the plaid fairisle pattern but use one of my Garter Carriages (GC).

Some folks don't realize you can use your GC with any stitch pattern you may already have!  You do not have to use preprogrammed GC patterns or GC punchcards.  I've used fairisle, tuck and etc. patterns for my GC.  If you like the design of a pattern go ahead and use with your GC!

Take a look at the picture below, same plaid pattern, one color just knit with double length variation.  Then compare it to the pattern I posted > HERE < when I knit the same pattern as a two color fairisle.

No Camera Flash Just Incandescent Light 

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