Sunday, February 24, 2013

PPD Downloading Plaid

A previous post of mine I was "Playing With Plaid" < click.  I punched a card & knitted a swatch on my Brother 260.  Tonight, I sat down and entered it into the PPD 120, downloaded to disk and into the standard knitting machine.

Why I punched 48 rows x 24 stitches is beyond me should have been like the below screen shot of the PPD pattern (24x24):

PPD Plaid Pattern

I, like so many have tons of punchcards and CD's full of them too! Nice too look for something unique and program it into you KM by simply reading it off the punchcard (makes it easy).

Here are the swatch results from the standard KM.  Next, I will use the double length variation!

Standard Plaid Swatch

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