Sunday, January 13, 2013

Playing With Plaid

It's freezing here tonight, temperature dropping to 24°F (-4.5°C), NOT what we usually experience.  I still have lemons on my trees, really should have taken them all in.

Because of the cold I felt like knitting something warm and have been wanting to "play with plaid" for a while; tonight was the night.

Here are two swatches I came up with, I like the gray/blue one best.  If you would like the pattern, let me know!


Have you noticed all the fairisle in the yarn catalogs and plenty of tuck stitch items too!  That's the advantage to being a machine knitter, we can do fairisle and tuck in no time flat with perfect results.

Now, what to knit in this plaid...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Tom! Yes, please, share the pattern.

  2. Of course thanks also worn by Te
    however beautiful gray blue

  3. I think you should knit a very british looking vest. :-)

  4. This is lovely Tom, im thinking of knitting myself a zip up cardi and this would look nice as the fronts with a plain back and sleeves. Whats the back of the fabric like for floats? :-)

  5. There are floats, but, they are not long. This is so smooth and easy to knit up. I can post the back of the fabric if you like.