Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Raglan Sweater To Die For!

Yes, because you will want to slit your throat if you do this one!

I design my own patterns in simple language.  But, wanted try another designers pattern as you never know what better technique they may have.

So, I started this top down v-neck raglan and it has been all nightmares!  I have been knitting, machine knitting and sewing for years and years.  This is probably the most frustrating sweater ever.

After reading and re-reading the written instructions and trying to sort out the schematics (too many arrows, numbers drawings on top of each other).  I got their gauge (usually I just adjust the pattern but something told me not to), and was able to sit down and get going.

The troubles started with the neckband.  An odd way to do it but thought try their way it may be easier and better.  No.  After knitting front triangles that you scrap off on WY, you then have to rehang them and e-wrap the back neckband stitches between the triangles.  Then, with a marker row knit one row, easy enough.  So, the technique to make the folded neck band has you doing FF decreases, then a turn row followed by a tighter tension and the FF increases which get too tight.  Yikes, Not done yet!  So once that mess was done, time to rehang the stitches from the marker row ONLY from the two triangles.  The back stitches now get scrapped off on WY, the extra 4 stitches for each sleeve get scrapped off.  The triangle stitches are now doubled and need to be sewn off (backstitched) on the machine...not me I did a behind the gate pegs bind off.  Again cut the yarn, turn the neckband and rehang the e-wrapped neck band stitches. OMG!  trying to rehang e-wrapped doubled stitches on top of single stitches in WY & backwards....get the idea?

So got through all of this and now there are so many yarn ends it looks like I'm making spaghetti.  I begin to knit the back from the "18" neckband stitches the pattern indicates but when you do the math you end up with 20!  I figure so what, it's a half inch just knit.  Then, a manufactures knot that slipped by my eye/hand when I wound the yarn, thank fully it ended up on the purl side so no harm done (photo below).  I take the back off of the machine pull out the WY (light blue in my photo) and lo and behold, most of the loops from the e-wrap are showing!

Lesson learned?  Yes, design my/your own or find a designer who knows how to knit on a machine.  I have test knitted many items without seeing a schematic or photo, no problem. I recently test knitted for Diana Sullivan; her Footnotes no-sew slipper (love these) and her Wear Your Diamonds (entrelac) sweater.  Piece of cake and was able to offer hints and fix some things with her.  Diana also published my photos in the Footnotes book.

Will I finish this?  Yes.  Then I will re-write the instructions correctly and post them here for all of you!  I don't drink but I may go have a sherry!

Hanging Neckband Mess, Spaghetti!

Manufactures Knot - Don't You Hate These?


  1. OMG, you're a lot more patient than I am! :-)

  2. I would only hand-knit top down, and I've never tried a seamless sweater on the km. Kudos to you for trying!!! I am in awe!

  3. Is there a pattern yet....sorry if not I look forward to reading them .sounds really interesting but can't imagine how it would work.

  4. Hi Tom, did you manage to rewrite a legible pattern? Or did you have one sherry too many??!! Lol