Monday, January 7, 2013

Machine Knitting Italian Style!

Or in Italian it would be: Macchina che lavora a maglia stile italiano!

If you want to watch a skilled machine knitter this is the place to watch.  Her styles are beautiful and techniques are fantastic.  Vanda finishes all garments impeccably.  I must admit, she makes me proud to say I'm Italian!

This is her latest post:

Vanda's Baby Booties!

Watch the video, even if you don't speak Italian.  You can see her confident hands moving along (glad I am not the only one who moves the carriage by holding the fabric presser - on occasion) and you can visually learn a new technique.

Click here for her YouTube demo:

Vanda's YouTube Baby Bootie Technique 

Vanda siete il la cosa migliore! 

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