Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knitking Technical Tip For Brother 930, 940 Compuknit lll or lV

A reason I love to blog, making new friends.  Several months ago I started emailing another machine knitter who had contacted me. We are emailing back and forth almost daily now, what a nice person she is.  We had exchanged phone numbers at one point and when she sensed I was down by my emails and having "one of those" weeks at work she called me to see if I was okay.  WOW!  That call changed my whole day and really made me smile.

We share lots of tid-bits, knitting and food are mostly the topics.  Knowing that my Brother 930E had been acting up "Katherine" sent me the below tech info for the Brother 930, 940  and or Knitking Compuknit lll/lV, it's all about adjusting the magnet sensor boards so your Garter Carriage will knit patterns correctly.

Thanks Katherine!
Brother 930/940 & Compuknit lll or lV

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