Thursday, January 10, 2013

Helen's 270 Problem Continues..

Thanks for the messages regarding Helen's issue with her 270 (see my post below).  I sent her your replies and she appreciates the help so much.  Here is her reply about the isolation:

"I am isolating the tuck just like one does to isolate a single motif in fairisle. For example. one cat in the middle of the sweater instead of cats all across the front of the sweater. I want only one tuck motif in the center with stockinette on either side."

If anyone has an idea for her to try out please post.  Thanks so very much!

Machine Knitters are truly a tight knit bunch!


  1. On Brother machines, some patterns require the end needle selection to be set to ON. This is a physical change to a setting on the underside of the carriage. Details on p12 of the manual.

  2. The needles outside of the tucking area need to be in D position. If she is putting them back to B manually they will all tuck. I've never tried this on my 'leccy but it sounds like that is what might be happening. Otherwise, perhaps the program needs to be modified?