Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"The" Raglan Sweater Update 2

I sat down after dinner tonight to finish the sweater.  You name it it happened, this time I blame myself, I was all thumbs.  As a matter of fact I sliced the edge of my thumb too!

The good news is below, done with the knitting now to seam it all up and block it.  There has to be at the least 30 yarn ends hanging off of this.  The color is a deeper burgundy, the camera flash did it no justice.

Driving to work this morning, I envisioned a better way to knit this, it's going to be so easy!  Is thinking about knitting as you drive just as dangerous as texting and driving???

Top Down Raglan Completed


  1. It looks lovely Tom! Could it be converted to knit on the standard gauge machine? Where is the pattern from? :-)

  2. Bravo tom we have to give explanations step by step

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! I just bought a brother 930e, and I hope I can make things as nicely as you do.

    1. Rachel if you need help just click on the email button on the top right side of the blog, here to help!

  4. Hi Tom, You're living dangerously: driving and thinking about knitting or driving and texting. Mamma mia!
    In Germany they say women are very good at multitasking, I guess men are too. :D
    Such a wonderful sweater. I really like it.
    Ciao, Marie

  5. Tom, is very beautiful Raglan turned!