Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Knitting Machine Friends Projects

Helen, who I met a little over a year ago when she wrote for some advice on her Brother 910 became a quick email friend.  Not only a vey nice lady but a great machine knitter.  Below are some of her recent projects.  She incorporates hand knitting with her machine knitting.

She needs some help too.  Her Brother 270 is acting up and she has tried just about everything to knit Stitchworld pattern # 82.  The needles that are supposed to be knitting are just forming loops not knitting.  She adjusted the Fabric Presser/Sinker Plate and had a bit of luck for a little while then wrote:

"Well, evidently the sinker plate was not the problem.  As long as I knit a tuck stitch across all the needles, the machine tucks properly, but when I try to isolate a tuck stitch, the yarn floats on either side of the isolated tuck stitches.  The isolated tuck stitches knit properly, but the stockinette stitches just float on top."

I am out of suggestions.  Not seeing it in person makes it hard to really diagnose this type of problem.  Has anyone had this happen?  What did you do to fix it?  Please share your thoughts to help out a fellow machine knitter.

Thanks and here are her great looking projects...

Easy & Much Appreciated Gift item!

Nice, Sideways Knit!

I Really Love This Childs Sweater Set


  1. Not enough weight on the isolated stitches? One of the doohickeys on the underside of the carriage has lost its spring? Just my thoughts on this. Tuck does like lots of weight, and if she's combining it with partial knitting that also needs careful weighting. As you say, hard to diagnose without a picture.

    Has Helen got a blog, I'd love to visit!

  2. If I remember right, on a Brother machine, she should pull all of the non-isolated stitches out to "D" or "E" position every row and then they should knit. It's worth a try anyway.

  3. I was going to mentioned having sufficient weight, but Steel Breeze has beat me to it.

    It would be interesting to see if it happens with a different/similar yarn.

    Are the needles/latches in good shape?

    Is there any build up of fluff? - suggest removing the needle retainer bar and cleaning/vacuuming.

  4. Just trying to visualise what's going on - when Helen says she's isolating the tuck stitch, what exactly is she doing? I know I've caused myself probs going from full tuck across the row to doing lace tuck with needles out of work and forgetting to go from KCI to KCII.