Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dog Sweater Pattern - Mikeys!

Here is my pattern for the dog sweater (pictured below - CLICK) I made for Mikey:

Tuck Stitch
Yarn: Worsted Weight 4 ply
Machine: Bulky (9mm)
Tension: T6 and Rib T4
Gauge: 3.53 sts & 7.27 rows per inch

His Measurements:
Base of tail to base of neck: 19"
Leg length: 11"
Chest circumference: 23" (widest area)
Width between two front legs: 4" (widest area)

T0, begin with rib on 67 needles zig-zag row.  Set machine to T1 and complete circular rows (3).

RC000, T4, knit 8 rows.  Transfer stitches to main bed, decrease end stitch on carriage side (66 needles).

T6, set machine to hold, bring out 23 needles to hold opposite carriage.  K1 row and wrap yarn of first needle in hold.  Bring 23 needles opposite carriage out to hold and K1 row, wrap.

Push 3 needles opposite carriage back to FWP and K 1 row, wrap.  Continue until all needles are back in work.  Make sure you weight the short rowing as you move along.  On the last two rows you will have less than 3 needles to move back into FWP, treat them in the same way until all needles are in work.

Note:  Depending on your dogs anatomy, you can sharpen the shape when doing short rows by changing the 3 needles (back to FWP) up or down.

Hang weight evenly across knitting.  Set and release tuck stitch pattern and K to RC092 (this is just behind the front leg openings) if you need to adjust the length this is the place to do it.

RC000, cast off 6 sts and K 1 row, cast off 6 sts, K1 row.  K in pattern to RC026.

RC000, E-wrap on 6 sts, hang weight on the e-wraps, K1 row.  repeat the e-wrap of 6 sts and hang weight on them. K to RC026.  Remove on WY.

T4, RC000, circular cast on as before on 14 needles.  K8 rows rib. Transfer needles to MB.

T6, RC000, set to pattern knitting, K85 rows (adjust length here if needed).  Remove on WY.

With wrong side (knit side) facing, rehang neck stitches from body and chest pieces decrease by hanging 2 sts on every 3rd needle.

T4, K1 row.  Transfer stitches for rib.

RC000, K25 rows.  Change to T8, K1 row.  Bind off using the loop through a loop method.

SLEEVES (both the same)
T6, RC000, rehang leg opening sts (center on machine for pattern) with wrong side facing and K1 row.  Remove on garter bar or WY, turn work (tuck sts facing you) and rehang sts.  Change to tuck pattern and K23 rows (this made mid leg length for the sweater I did) you can adjust length as you like.

T4, RC000, transfer sts for rib, K11 rows (again your choice length of ribbing).  Bind off same manner you did for collar.

Join seams, hide ends.  Here is the finished shape - CLICK

This I adapted/changed from an old photo copy of someone's notes that I found tucked in a book I purchased.  It was originally designed for the standard machine and with GC. Wish I could give credit for it's original roots.  

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