Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick Tip, Circular Cast-On For Ribbing

Did you know it is not necessary to knit 3 or 5 circular rows when casting on with ribber for ribbing?

Many patterns direct you to cast on a zig-zag row, hang comb and weights followed by 3 circular rows; then commence with ribbing.  Also, many sweater patterns call for 5 circular rows after the zig-zag row.

You only "need" 1 circular row!  If you would like a finer/flatter edge to your knitting do the zig-zag row (right to left), hang ribber comb and weights then knit 1 row of circular; knit on ribber, free pass on main bed (CAR).  Set machine for ribbing and knit away!

As long as you knit the 1 row of circular after the zig-zag row you are good to go.

If you want something in between with only 2 or 4 circular rows before the ribbing, cast on the zig-zag row from left to right.  This will put your carriage on the right side of the machine (99% of patterns start with CAR) after you knit the 2 or 4 circular rows you are ready to begin ribbing.

Give it a try!

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  1. I will certainly will use this method! Thank you, Tom!