Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Very Dear Friends Knitting

Katherine whom I've become very close to lately knits some beautiful items.  Below is a baby blanket she just finished.

Not only is she a great knitter, Katherine is highly intelligent, warm, spiritual and giving.  Also, you should see the breads, scones and meals she makes!  If she wasn't so far away I'd be inviting myself over for dinner.

I needed a PPD cable.  Katherine just ordered the cable for me and had it sent to my home.  At the same time I boxed up a bunch of my home grown lemons and sent them to her.  She lives in a snowy climate and I just wanted to share some of the Las Vegas sunshine & warmth with her.

Even though we have never met, she detected from my emails I was having "one of those weeks" at work and called to see if I was okay.  Wow did that change my mood and made the rest of the day fly by with a smile on my face!  We have much in common (besides machine knitting) and to think it all started from one single email.

Machine knitters are special people.  Please reach out and touch somebody soon, you'll be glad you did!

And here is her baby blanket:

Katherine's Baby Blanket


  1. Wow! How did she knit that blanket? On which machine? I can't make out the stitches but the chevron effect is beautiful and I love that colour for a baby!