Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yarn Spray...Thanks Mary Anne Oger!

Mary Anne Oger (MAO), sent out an email today to spread the word about a new and great yarn spray she found.  She posted on her blog: Addicted To Yarn Spray!

Like MAO I relied upon Lori Lyn Yarn spray which is no longer being manufactured.  I believe the Lori Lyn Machine Lube still is.

I tried silicone spray but did not like it and luckily I had stockpiled some of the Lori Lyn Yarn Spray just as production was ceasing.  I am down to my last two cans and they're both not spraying well, a drippy mess.

The newly found spray (pump spray no aerosol) is available exclusively through the Disitinctive Knits website:  Industrial Super Yarn Spray

I went over to their website and ordered a bottle, give it a try.

Michael let me know he will not be back in the store until the 18th of February; he'll ship orders after his return.

 Here is the information from their website:
"Tame static from friction and minimize breakage and frayed filaments with Super Industrial yarn spray. This product comes in a non-aerosol spray with locking sprayer to prevent little fingers from getting into trouble. The yarn spray is designed to be used on both knitting machine yarn and sewing machine thread. Pre-test if there is a metallic filament in the yarn or thread. The product absorbs into the fiber and dries. To use yarn spray on coned yarn, spray the top of the cone. For particularly problematic yarn, spray the bottom of the cone as well. Less is more with this product. For sewing machine thread, spray the thread using a little more than usual. The yarn spray will absorb deep into the thread. Please note that this product is flammable when in liquid form. Keep away from heat, flame and sparks, and of course, kids and pets. Complete instructions and warnings are on the label.

To use, replace shipping cap with sprayer. Press green button to dispense. Press red button to lock sprayer."

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  1. I had never heard of yarn spray before Mary Anne Oger's post! How long has this existed? Have I been living under a rock?
    I always use paraffin disks on my yarn masts but this sounds a whole lot better.
    Is a 10 oz bottle enough for a few garments?