Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whose Pattern Do I Use?

Tonight I had planned to take out a zipper (did not like the look) on a cardigan and knit bands instead.  I wasn't in the mood to think.  I am sure you understand BUT I wanted to knit.

I wound up some sock yarn, sat at my standard and started at a sock.  I like doing socks as I don't have to think.  Having made more socks than I could ever count it's second nature.  As I knit (listening to some great music) my mind was wandering on to different machine knitting questions I have gotten.  The same thing kept swirling around in my head "whose pattern do you use?"

As I was knitting a circular sock I started to wonder myself where  I got this pattern for socks?  Honestly, I must say here and there with a bunch of me thrown in.

When I made my first circular sock (many, many socks ago), it took me forever to get it right.  I knit and ripped and knit and ripped.  Countless attempts and being all thumbs as I prodded along.  But I did it!  If I recall my first start to finish sock without any errors took nearly two hours to do.  Since that first sock I have evolved and found solutions or fixes to techniques that weren't 100% acceptable for me.

My original circular sock was a basic pattern but with too many move stitches here, knit on this bed, knit on that bed, seam here, seam there.  The seam was in the back, too many FF decreases, pointed toes and a heel that was too short to actually fit well.

Many knitters who knit circular socks on a flat bed end up with a little hole at the last stitch of the short rowed heel.  Of course I asked others all over the place how they avoided it.  The basic answer was "just live with it" or "take a strand of yarn and sew it closed."  Huh?  What?  So, I fixed that with my own technique.

If you ask me whose sock design, pattern or technique I use I would have to say my own but, I am sure others would look at it and say "that is this persons or that persons."

If ever asked "I have never knit circular socks on a flat bed who's pattern would you suggest I start with?"  My answer would be Diana Sullivan's.   Click on her name to view her sock DVD and book.

See tonight's hole!

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