Monday, October 30, 2017

Sandwiched Buttonhole - Tried & True Method

This is not a new method but a tried and true one!  Here, Susan Guagliumi takes us through it on HD video up close and clear!  You can use this method for a plain band as well.

If you have a large garment or rather not poke the needles through your garment piece in this way, there is another method with the same results (not sandwiched)!

Knit the band then pick up your first row of band (from the ravel cord row) bring out needles to hold (stitches behind latches) and knit one row (this will make the garter row).  Facing you is the right side of the band, remove on WY.  Hang the edge of the garment public side facing you.  Push garment edge behind the latches and hang the band garter row facing the garment edge, open stitches in the needle hooks.  Pull needles through the garment edge.  Manually knit 1 row and chain cast off.  You want the row loose enough to allow the garment edge stretch as needed.

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