Friday, November 8, 2013

Blue Sweater Vest Completed

Yes, I do love sweater vests.  They are perfect in the cooler months here in Las Vegas.  A sweater vest is enough to keep you warm early in the morning but not too warm to wear when the sun warms it up!

This was done using the Knit Leader, I used Tamm Trenzi with an unknown cone of light blue acrylic for the edge trim.  Edge trim (light blue) was only the three circular cast on rows.  It didn't take long at all, I timed myself (I've been asked how long it takes), it was a little more than two hours on the machine then the seaming.

The color is a bit light in the first picture.

Neck Overlap Band - I Like Them As They Are Not Common

Arm Hole

Back Of Neck & Waist Band, Both Knit in 2X2 rib, Using A 2x1 Needle Arrangement