Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ear Muffs, Norwegian Style

Late last evening, I was surfing through some of my favorite knitting machine blogs.  I went over to Rett Og Vrang a great blog with ingenious designs by Synnove who lives lives in Norway.

We have been in touch over the years and it is always nice to see what she is up to.  Her latest is "Choices of Life" an ear muff design.  It sort of reminded me of the ear flap hats I made a  couple of years ago.  Always wanting to support my fellow machine knitters, I purchased the pattern (an instant download & only a few dollars).  When I opened the pattern is was all in Norwegian, of course it would be.  So, no worries I will translate it online.  It was actually funny what translator did to the pattern.  I emailed Synnove and she too had a good laugh.

Knowing I could replicate it I sat down this afternoon and made the below (nice model huh?) using my own method.  Pretty close to Synnove's don't you think?

Please stop by and visit Synnove and her great blog, she is very talented and a nice lady!

Here is her blog and posting (and pattern) I am referring to:

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  1. Thank you for your kind words! Now I've to translate my patterns, I think! WoW!