Friday, October 4, 2013

Tamm Spirit - Sweater Vest

Finished this and thought of posting a few pictures.  Every picture the blue (denim) is a bit different.  This was the yarn CLICK

Knit with the Knit Leader and GC, it fits perfectly.  The last picture is something my grandparents would have done.  My Grandfather was a tailor to the Hollywood Stars, my Grandmother owned her own dress manufacturing company.  Both always told me, clean finished seams are important; how true!

 Side View Neckline

Arm Bands

Full Neckline

Inside Out - Finishing


  1. Looks great! I actually wish that more knitters would show photos of the inside of their work. It's very useful to those who are learning.

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  3. Love that yarn. Armbands and neckline are great. I made a couple of smaller vests for my grandsons and they came out good too. It always amazes me that they look so nice after being so stretched out on the needles.

    PS. Deleted comment was because of my typo errors.

  4. Thanmks Maureen! Will be posting another finished vest soon!