Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaves Begin To Fall, Answering Winter's Call; Mikey Get's A New Sweater!

Yes, it's Autumn in Las Vegas but, it gets cold at night in December, January & February; usually around 38 to 40 degrees.

So, all other projects on hold and made a new sweater for my best friend, Mikey.  Mikey is a Tibetan Terrier/Sheltie mix and he outgrew the other sweaters I made for him.  I wanted him to pose for a picture but tonight he just wanted to play ball.

The fit is perfect in every way.  Done with some leftover Star 4-ply acrylic using Stitchworld pattern #'s 475 & 532 (rib).  This is knit from the back up with the legs done by rehanging the leg openings.
Mikey's New Sweater
Now, if I can get him to pose I'll add a picture.

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