Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here I Am!

Well, after years of waiting in the wings, I have decided to be more of a public knitter. Having been encouraged to write a guys pattern book by a wonderful lady whom you probably know (Diana Sullivan), having had a few mentions in MKM (and many emails from around the world) I was already getting fairly well known.

I am fascinated with knitting on my Brothers, all four of them and enjoy restoring knitting machines to a like new condition. Also, I enjoy communicating and helping other knitters with their machine troubles or restoration.

If you need assistance let me know.

I have been knitting with Diana ( for "our troop" overseas. Her good friend Barbara is collecting the knitted items to send to our U.S. Military. Please visit her blog and while there do a search for:

~ Tom's Troop Cap (also on YouTube)
~ Machine Whitening

Currently I am about to finish up a guys sweater vest (done on a bulky) and just about finished with a dog sweater (done on a standard). As soon as they are finished I will post the photos.

Go well and stay well.


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