Sunday, October 26, 2014

Short Rowing On Both Sides At The Same Time...

Yes it can be done!

I learned this lesson years ago when I was distracted while knitting short rows on a sock.  I had more needles in hold on one side then the other.  At that point if you rip back rows you can have a real mess on your needles due to the all of the wrapped needles.

So I thought how do I fix this.  Yep, it's easy. This technique is doable only if you have the purl side (side facing you on the machine) as the private side as it does create small floats.

When knitting a garment where you want darts in a bust line this is the way to go.

The traditional method of short rowing on both sides has it's rule of "you can only slide one needle into hold position at the carriage side and as many as needed on the opposite side" is not set in stone.

The video below also shows how to mark your Knit Leader Mylar Sheet with row #'s which is a good thing to do.  My KL Sheets have all kinds of notes (as the one in the video) including yarn and sizing information.

Take a look and if you need more direction send me an email.

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